The calling has a timing – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

The calling has a timing | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASm, ACL, Wcc
It is not only true that the vision is for an appointed time, we must also realize that the timing has a lot to do with the fulfillment or the setbacks that the vision may have! Whatever calling you may have received in life can only operate within a time frame and failure to understand that also amounts to total failure in the calling.
When you where called or when you are called, never forget that a need is what has necessitated your calling and it could be a very pressing need for which you have been anointed to meet. When you do not discover your calling in time, the need may have caused more damage than it should! If you discover your calling in time, you will begin your preparation when necessary and you will be ready for actions at the appropriate time so that the need will not destroy anything.
I remember there were stories of some villages in times past who did not have too many educated people so they have decided to do something in order for the village to progress. When the village finds someone who seems to be very intelligent, the whole village will come together and agree to sponsor the education of that child through to university until the person gets a job. The person is in turn expected to come back to the village to develop the village so that the people there will not be totally disadvantaged. This was done mostly for students in the medical line and often times such people were the only medical personals for the village. If this kind of child forgets the purpose for which he was being trained and does not remember that people are dying in his village, the purpose for training him would have been defeated! This kind of person would always be reminded that he is being trained for a time when he would be useful to the village. When the time comes, he must be ready.
It is dangerous not to discover your calling in time because some things may have gone past the remedy that only time can give. You will not even have enough time left to prepare for the calling and to be deeply rooted in some areas. When you also discover your calling and you dont respond in time, you may also be losing time for some vital things that you will have to pay for through your nose. There are some preparations you can make at age 25 that you may not be able to make at 50. I think that this is one key factors in the lives of David and Saul. David was still a teenager when he started preparing to be King but Saul was not and had very little time to start work! The earlier you know what you are supposed to do and get into it the better.
I must also say about the timing that it is a disaster to get into your calling earlier than you should or later than you should. When you get in faster than you should you can destroy yourself and when you get in later than you should things may have been destroyed beyond remedy. Joseph the dreamer was given a vision which was a call into being the savior of his brothers but it was not a call that required an immediate response. It was a process and by the time the need to save the brothers arose, he was ready! Daniel in his case was called into the kings palace to be a counselor whose counsel would save the lives of Kings. He got in and started preparing and he counseled about 3 Kings because he understood the timing of his call! Never lose the timing of your call. Dont run into it before the appointed time and dont get into it when it is too late!
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