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I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to thank you for following me on this platform all through this year. I sincerely hope that I have been able to add value to your life.
At every Christmas there is always the rave that puts all of us on two sides. I guess you will be a little more conscious by the time you are done reading this. For years now there has been the norm of people working from January to December only to blow up everything for Christmas and claim that January is a very dry period.
I can imagine how hard you have been working and how well you sweat just so you can make ends meet. So in this season some people come to convince you that you must by this and by that. They tell you about one promo or the other so you get caught up in the rave.
What are the two sides that we have? We simply have those who make more money in this period and we have those who spend all the money. So ask yourself? Which one have you been doing? Making more money or just spending all the money?
There is no crime in spending your money. After all it is your money and you earned it so you have the right to spend it. But have you asked yourself why people are always broke in January and everyone says there is no money? You have to work with a strict budget and cut all excesses. You can truly enjoy your Christmas with your family, send gifts to loved ones and still not spend all the money in the world.
A lot of people even go as far as spending so much and not being able to pay basic bills in January. For some it goes as far as not being able to pay the school fees of their kids or having enough money to take them to work for the whole of January. So before middle of January they have started borrowing money and then it becomes hard to keep up with a New Years financial resolution. If you reset your priorities the story can change.
There is more to Christmas than just making all the money from January and blowing it up in December. There is a real reason for the season which is rooted in deep expression of love. If you have been a very busy executive who barely stays at home it might be a good time to think more about spending time with your family since you are not at work or most offices will run skeletal services.
I think you should be a little smarter at Christmas. Don’t just let some people take away all your money and smiling to the bank while you are checking your phone for every SMS hoping that it will be a credit alert. You can either cash in on the very many things that people are buying for Christmas or you invest in something that keeps your cash flow steady regardless of the season that we are in. 
Now that you know there are two sides and you can be on the side that you want, check yourself. Spend wisely and still enjoy your Christmas but never forget the real reason for the season. See you in the New Year.
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