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He has made us Kings and Priests unto our God. That is what Revelation 5:10 says and I shall therefore attempt to build on this scriptural premise to remind the church as whole that we have not lived up to the expectation of being the guardians of the nation and as well as the nation builders.
In the days of Moses, we saw him leading the nation out of slavery after challenging the monster that held a whole nation captive for years. The nation today is in economic slavery, media pollution slavery and poverty slavery even in the middle of abundance. The church will be a failure not to remember that the old is a shadow of things to come and that the action of Moses for Israel in those days is to show exactly what leaders in the church are supposed to be doing today!
When I was young and I went to Bible classes where most of the teachers probably thought they were just teaching us Bible stories to keep us busy since we were kids and would not understand what the adults where being taught, I saw leadership lessons in most of those stories. At that time, I could not clearly articulate my thoughts as I conceived them obviously because of very limited vocabulary. Nevertheless, I still saw leadership when I heard the stories of Joseph and the victories of David.
The likes of Nehemiah came much later when I became more mature to understand what the adult church was saying but there was one thing I always wanted to see. I saw so many Bible examples and the preachers had good points to raise on these people but we were not, at that time told that these examples were to give a connection between today’s church and the nation. When you look critically at nations like America and England, you will see a strong bond between the church and the state. At some point, the state was subject to some final decisions of the church but civilization and the fear of offending others is beginning to take that away. The people are not afraid to offend God by not letting him take His place in our nation but they are afraid to offend the people who do not believe in God!
One of the things I find very interesting is that we have several Bible characters that were nation builders but the church hardly talks, today, about nation building. Some of the churches occasionally remember to pray for the nation as a duty of the people who still have some connections to God and it is mandated in the Bible but there is no push into the society to start a real nation building process!
A few preachers have become activists and I am sorry to say that I am not carried away by the activism of the preachers! What we must come back to is the fact that the church has a responsibility in nation building and it goes beyond standing on the pulpit every Sunday to talk about what a politician has refused to do or is doing wrongly!
We are Kings and Priests according to Revelation 5:10 and that means we lead physically (Kings) and as well spiritually (Priests). This is one responsibility the church must wake up to because we have almost forgotten the part or leading physically and have held on to leading spiritually. Isn’t that why the church itself is full of problems today and finds it hard to provide leadership for the nation?
The church needs to find its footing in national development. This is just the beginning. Stay with me through series.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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