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The church of today, apart from forgetting its national responsibility, also has a long standing apathy and that is affecting a lot of people in the society. There millions of people who troop into the church on weekly basis and until recently, most of them were given the impression that politics is not a place for the people in the church. People are being discouraged from getting into politics and there is no other training specifically showing them how they can impact the nation with or without political power!
Many of the people in the church do not want to appear as prodigals in the denomination that they belong to but they as want to be successful as they have been told they could in the church. A number of times, whoever mounts the pulpit to remind them that they can be successful keeps forgetting that real and lasting success is not in having it all for yourself but in being able to help others achieve what they could not have achieved on their own!
You will find out that there are people in the church who have the capacity and secretly desire to get involved in politics. They have some technical expertise required and some others have the leadership ability to lead effective and as well cause some positive changes in the society. This people go into church everyday watching silently as things turn in the wrong direction and feeling helpless because the impression the congregation has given them is that they will be the black sheep if they get into politics.
We have to wake up to our responsibilities and take our place of authority not only in the spirit realm but in the physical realm as well. When we keep taking control in the spirit realm and we have too many people in the nation who do not have regenerated minds, we are taking the risk of allowing people without transformed minds to lead us. I had like to quickly add that transformed minds in this context is not just about people who have so much information and can almost give you any answer from their heads. I am talking about people who do not just uphold ethics and leave morals or people who will do what only seems right but do not believe in what seem spiritual.
The message from the church is one of the strongest messages that any transformational leader can hear and put to practice for productivity but some of the pastors who deliver these messages are sometimes quick to discredit the place of this message in politics from the way they talk. They also instantly conclude that there are no Christians in politics and that those who claim they are just go to church without any real relationship with Jesus. When we do this, we equip our people for nation building and then discourage them from getting into the nation building!
Now is the time for the church to work seriously on educating its people about national development and also encourage them, for those who like to get involved, to do something. If the sons and daughters of God refuse to do it, the sons and daughters of the devil will be given more chance to do more and more. Ultimately, we will then realize that we have not actually taken over in the spirit realm as we claim we are doing! How can you be in charge in the spirit realm and the sons and daughters of the devil control the economy of the nation?
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  1. This is very insightful! I know God has raised you to affect this generation. I carry a vision of becoming a governor in 2027, each time I share it with circular friends I see great excitement in them, they say you have a good heart and leadership competence to do it. This is not the same in my youth church, few of my sisters and brothers in church will say pastor femi please keep your integrity and don’t allow this corrupt nation to take your goodwill away. My question still remains that ‘Can the same hand that brings this nation down bring it up? No! My heart desire is to see the kingdom children take over again like our forefathers. If the wise refuse to join in nation building, it obvious we will be rule by the fools. God bless mr fola!

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