The Church and National Development 3 |© Fola Daniel Adelesi

The Church and National Development 3 |© Fola Daniel Adelesi
I shall attempt to move cautiously on the subject matter in this series and I also must say that what I want to present here remains my opinion. Having said that, it must be made known that one of the responsibilities of the church towards national development is to help the people with their economic and social lives by equipping as many as they can in the congregation who will in turn go and equip other people.
Martin Luther King Jr. was well known for his involvement in the civil rights movement but apart from that involvement and the famous I have a dream speech, he was also of the opinion that a church must address the economic and social needs of the people instead of just preaching to them and asking them to bring money without equipping them.
A few churches today have been able to grow their congregation and as well build systems that look that of the corporate world so that they can employ people who work fully for the church and ultimately feed a family. For some others, they keep coming up with new ideas and the visions the management of the church can come up with, the more people will be needed and employed to work with the church in its system. That is one great way that the church is solving the economic issues in the nation. I know that not to many churches will be able to start and work out systems for employing people to work directly with the church but there are partnerships that can be worked out.
We should take it as a responsibility in the church to add value to people not just through sermons but through the trainings that they get from special seminars and conferences. We need to bring the corporate world to our people in the church and make sure that as they are growing spiritually, they are also becoming very relevant in the corporate world. A church should be able to build it influence such that it can give recommendations for some of its members and they will become gainfully employed. This will not be so just because they are members but because they have been trained over the years and their contribution can be guaranteed where they are expected to serve.
On the other hand, there can be skill acquisition programmes for people who have or do not have a certificate to work with so that people will have practical skills to work with. The government cannot employ everyone and the church cannot do the same. It is therefore imperative for us to take the economic matters of our people seriously. I do not see anything wrong in churches building highly professional HR companies to serve as their own contribution to the national development.
We are in the times when you cannot just tell people the Bible says a lazy man should not eat. It is not enough for us to go about asking people to work and be diligent. People must first find a work to do before they can be talking about diligence and when there is no work to do then we should not even talk about diligence. The church must stop saying that the government is not employing people or is not creating jobs for people. The church has a great role in national development and one of the things is can do is to begin to work out job creation system regardless of what the government is doing!
When the church wakes up, it will begin to buy banks and employ its people, buy up shopping malls and help its people to start business, buy up companies on the stock market and make it easier for its people to invest.
A responsible church knows that the government cannot fix everything and adequately positions itself to compliment the weaknesses or inadequacies of the government for the people!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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