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When Christians, churches and para-church organizations get on the media, they celebrate and make a big noise out of it but they have forgotten that some other people own the media and determine the content of the media! If we put all the godly or religious programmes on the media together, how much time do they amount to compared to how much time the media has left to put the wrong things in the minds of the people especially the young ones!
Me may be making so much noise about the depth of moral decadence in our country today but we must see the role that the media is playing in increasing the vices we are currently experiencing! When you turn the television you will have more of musical videos with girls dancing either half naked or completely naked. If you check a few international stations that are now easily accessible because of cable television, you will not need to go far before you see nudity everywhere. This is getting into the minds of too many people and what the people take in is what they will produce. They cannot possibly bring out anything different from what they have been consuming all the time and they spend hours sitting in front of these stations from day to day.
Its time for us to take our place as nation builders and not religious organizations. When we keep working as religious organizations, we will only continue to get the 30 minutes we are getting on radio and television while the rest of the world has a chance to hijack more than 20 hours of the day to play jargons yet we give testimonies about our programmes being on air. I am not against being grateful for the small beginnings but we need to see the bigger pictures!
Why can Chirstians run television stations with the positive mindset to inspire people and teach them strategy or innovation and productivity? Please note that this is not about building television stations to just have a preaching platform but I am talking about building media houses to raise a new breed of youths and leaders. Why cant we have a station where we teach leadership, business and personal effectiveness all through the day such that any illiterate watching or listening to those stations will be able to lead and as well run business effectively?
If we are truly going to take our place as nation builders, we will have to work on dominating the media content in our country. Until we begin to dominate the media content, our impact will still be limited! How many people come into our weekly meetings or how many people come for our special programmes? How many people can we drive to our websites for positive content? Lets take our minds off the small things. Many thanks to the likes of Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar Television and Inspiration Television but we need a lot more than we currently have. Remember, its not just about having the platforms so that we can preach but it is important to note that if we own the media, we will not play most of those videos that negatively influence the minds of the views or those songs that suggest something negative to listeners.
Its time to look beyond 30 minutes on radio and television because the world is taking the rest of the 23 hours 30 minutes of the day!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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