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Today’s church does not really see itself as one body with a simple objective to win soul to a single kingdom and for that reason it continues to fight itself and has no time for nation building. We have heard from our Lord, Saviour and brother who prayed earnestly saying, that they may be one! How can we as a church build a nation when what we focus on is the fact that one person belongs to one denomination and this other person does not like this denomination?
Is it possible for us to ever achieve anything together when we do not even have a common ground for agreement? We all call the name of Jesus and we all sing to the name of Jesus but we do not teach the same thing in the name of Jesus so it is hard for us to even fight a common cause of nation building in the name of Jesus!
When we take a look at the Bible that we all seem to be preaching from, Nehemiah was able to embark on a nation building project by leaving his comfort and mobilizing his people to focus on the work to be done. When distractions came from the enemy he did not abandon the work to face the enemy. He came up with a strategy to face the work and fight the enemy so everybody who was working with him on rebuilding the nation had a working tool and at the same time a fighting tool. Its easy for us to see Samballat and Tobiah as the stumbling blocks for Nehemiah that he finally overcame having got the approval of the King and going by the strategy he had.
A good look at our nation today will reveal the fact that we are in the same situation as Nehemiah but we are not following his approach to nation building and cannot get the kind of results that he got. He was in the kings palace and he left to build a nation. Many of us do not want to leave our comfort zones because you will even hear Christians saying, who wants to die for Nigeria? You will just die in vain and no one remembers you! when we even have a common cause to follow, we also become quick to attack anyone who takes the lead and offers willing to help follow through with a cause. We now see everyone as selfish and ambitious people even when we have not put a check on their intentions!
From time to time you will hear about a pastor fighting another pastor over one member leaving to the other pastors church. The next time you will be in a meeting you might just hear about a pastor who is angry with another pastor because he has asked an instrumentalist to come over to the new church and is willing to pay if this instrumentalist is willing to move. I have not said that these things are not in any way things that call for concern but Im of the opinion that we have more serious issues on our hands!
The devil has kept the church too busy fighting one another and we have forgotten that Jesus said, go ye into the nations it is time for us to take responsibility for what is happening in our nation today and forget the petty things we focus on. Too many churches individuals who believe in and follow Jesus have taken their focus away from helping others to find the meaningful life that we are empowered to transfer to others. We now talk about one person stealing congregation from others!
Lets grow up as a church. We must put petty things behind us. Its time to start working with the mind that nation building is an all important task that is far more important than issues within the local church. God will question us as a church, I believe, about the nations he put us in if we do not do what he empowered us to do!
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