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Very many people who preach about the great commission which is the basis for Christian Evangelism seem to be leaving out one thing from the statement. The instruction is to go into the world. We then neglect the fact that the world has a system of governance and the lives of the people are typically dependent on the government that is in place. If we must go into the world and preach the gospel, we may not necessarily need an approval from that government to talk to its people but there’s little impact we can make if we don’t have a relationship or a direct impact on that government.
I hear pastors talk or preach against the government a lot. They discourage their congregation from associating with people in government or anyone in politics. In most places, you are perceived as a sinner if you have a known relationship with the government or are involved in politics. While this is ignorantly keeping the right people away from the government, its systems and processes, the people of the world were and are still taking over the government of the nations and they began to govern us. So we technically lost control of what is originally ours and we still condemn people who try to take it back.
When you read the profile of Dr. Myles Munroe, you will see that he was also addressed as a government consultant. I know he taught a lot about kingdom principles and using the earthly government as an illustration but he was not just teaching it. He was practising it by running a church system and training several others to not see themselves as separate from the government. Why should we even forget that when Prophet Isaiah talked about the birth of Jesus, he did mention that the government will be upon his shoulders – meaning he will take responsibility for governance?
Dr. Myles was in different countries, including Nigeria, teaching the government how to run an effective system that thinks more about the people than just a few leaders. He was honoured by the Queen of England and also a regular guest speaking at the United Nations meetings. How are we supposed to fix the nations that we live in when some of the people who take the final decisions don’t come into to our church meetings?
I really want to encourage pastors and other church leaders to see the need for people in the church to play an active role in building the governance of the nation even if it means it has to happen by being involved in politics. We must stop condemning the people within our fold who are getting into politics. We need to stop calling politics a dirty game and hoping that a miracle will happen to clean it up so we can get in there.
What would have happened in the United States if the likes of Martin Luther King did not start the Civil Rights Movement and initiated negotiations with the government? Let’s not be fooled. The church and the government still have a lot to do together and to separate them is to make life unbearable, just as it is in many nations today, for the people. We also can’t fix a nation when we refuse to associate with its government. The government through its laws and policies determines the life of the people. Our prayers alone will not change the government. Our people who understand godly values need to get involved.
I should sum this up by saying that we can’t afford to run churches these days without a political relevance. The entire world is talk about Dr. Myles Munroe right now because of his political relevance despite being a pastor. We should also note that he had no political office yet he made so much impact in the government of nations. If we all do the same, I think we will get to that level where government of nations will be afraid to do things without consulting the church rather than harassing the church. They government in some nations today is harassing the churches there because they are not in any way relevant to the political class.
Let’s do more than just preaching. Let’s get involved as Myles did and impact the people.

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