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This morning I was listening to an interview conducted at the Daystar Christian Centre with Toyin Subair, the CEO of HI TV a cable TV in Nigeria – and he said, we don’t want to leave the country messed up for other generations just as we have it messed up for us. That really struck me and I began to think about the fact that we did not mess it up but since it is already messed up, if we pass it on to another generation like this they will still say we passed on a messed up country to them, regardless of the generation that began the mess.
One of the things that happen in a country when the vision is not handed down to succeeding generations is that the generation coming in may have inherited a great country but they will think that the greatness of the country is in the physical structures and the cash flowing around in the country. They will not realize that the ideals of the country, the driving force of a vision and the integrity of a nation are pivotal to the development of the country as well as its continued sustenance!
We may not have messed up the country that we live in today but we have the cleanup responsibility. Its like having a room messed up by someone and the person packs into the next door. You now stay in the messed up room but you keep trying to explain to everyone that the guy who messed up the room has moved into the next door. If anyone really hears that the only thing that comes to mind is that you may not have messed it up but you now live in it and if you are living with it like that then you are dirty!
It is important to note that the country today is not being judged by what we can do or the intentions that we have. The country is being judged by the mess we are in and have not been able to fix. Unfortunately it is like that but we have to learn hard lessons about the fact that what we have refused to fix, though we did not create it, will become our mess and it only gets worse because we are not doing anything.
Our time to get deep into the responsibility has come. We have played the blame game long enough. People see us all over the world today but they don’t see the people that we point accusing fingers to. Now they are wondering why cant we fix our country and just moving on instead of spending time, energy and other resources trying to fix the blame instead of the problem.
We may be claiming that we did not get the country into what t is right now but what have we done with the children in our country today through the influence of the media? Is there really much to offer in our government owned schools that are the most affordable schools in the country? What has the government been able to produce in this present day with the tax payers money?
For instance, you work for long years and get to pay tax every month and finally saved up enough money to be able to buy a car. When you buy the car you pay tax on the car, tax on the gas or fuel and so many other things but you hit the road and realize that the road is bad. You have been paying tax all your life so that the government can have something to spend, you finally buy a car hoping that your tax would have fixed the roads but you get on the roads and find out that you tax has not fixed any road so you have to take all your savings again to be able to fix the car that ought to be driving on your tax (roads provided by government from your tax). This is not a part of the mess we were left with. It is what we are now creating and we must fix it, at no other time but now!
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