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Sometimes when you are looking up for sun shine, you see a bit of it and the next moment the sky begins to change. The little sun begins to disappear. Everywhere is suddenly colder than it was and the breeze is coming stronger. This time you no longer have to look up. It is obvious everywhere is already dark and it looks like all hope is lost again.
This may have been the case for years and you are wondering when exactly the sun will come up and stay for you to enjoy? You have had it really rough in life. When you need the sun desperately what you get is the rain in excess and when you need the rain desperately what you get is the sun in excess.
Nothing just seems to work as you expect or when you expect them to work. You are tired and nearly frustrated about all of these issues. You are about to just go in and resign to ‘FATE.’ Maybe you have also said that ‘what will be, will be’ and you are just looking out for what will be.
I think that when people have already given up is when they make statements like that. When life has dealt them series of blows is when they begin to admit that maybe they can’t change anything in life.
You own your life and you can change anything in life. You can change what your life will look like tomorrow no matter what it looks like today. The clouds may be gloomy today but you need to keep expecting the sunshine. And you should not just expect a brief sun shine; you need to expect a really long sunshine.
If all you do right now is to admit that things will only be gloomy and there is not much you can do, you will eventually lose the little sun that you need to get started. I realized that sometimes we don’t need so much to get started and get really big results. All we need is a little spark. The spark turns on so many other things and a large engine begins to work.
So all you might need is a little hope or a little sun shine to get started with. It does not have to be much from the beginning and once you can hold unto that little, you can make much more out of it.
I understand that things don’t look like what you expect today but you need to stop looking at just those things that you don’t want. You must start looking out for the little things that may look like what you want and build on those ones.
If you have ever been to a tailor’s place before you may understand what I am talking about. When a tailor wants to insert the thread into the needle, there’s just a little part of the thread that will first go in. If you are not careful, that little part can be pushed back but when you look more on that little part, you can gently hold unto it and draw it in.
That should be our attitude towards life. Let’s not drain our energy looking at what has not been done but what can be done. Let’s not focus too much on what things look like or how bad they look on the outside. Let’s look more at what we can make of them. When we do this, it will almost be like we are going into the skies to roll away the clouds ourselves. We will see things begin to happen for us positively. Let not the clouds take your faith; but let your faith take the clouds   
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