The Colours of Opportunity – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have heard a lot of young people who seem to be looking for an opportunity to get things done but they never get anything done. Why? They always say that the opportunity has not come. If is true that the opportunity has not come then we should begin to ask questions like, ‘where did it go in the first place? Why did the opportunity go out when it is fully aware that some people are waiting for it? What colour of shirt or robe is the opportunity wearing so that we can spot it when we see it?
All of these questions may sound interesting to some people but there is obviously a problem. Like the famous Joseph I must let you know that opportunity is always dressed in the cloth of many colours. As colourful as the robe is it is still not everyone that can see the robe. Why? There are dues to be paid to be able to see the beautiful robe of opportunities.
Bishop David Oyedepo said some people tell him that he is fortunate and he did say that his usual response to those people is, ‘why are you unfortunate?’ Your guess about this kind of response is as good as mine. Some people believe there is no such thing as luck or chances but I think there is. I only must tell you that it is reserved exclusively for those who know the password to access it any time it has to be accessed.
Do you want an opportunity? If your answer is yes then you must know how to spot an opportunity. The interesting thing is that you cannot even spot an opportunity if you have not been preparing for it. What do I mean? The things that open up to people as opportunities are the things they have prepared their skills for.
Let me show you what an opportunity is. One day an Uncle gave me his complementary card. I looked through all the products that his company markets. I spoted one that would be interesting to a large market. I presented a proposal to him and gave him my bills. The opportunity was not in the fact that he paid my bills. The opportunity was in the fact that I got his complementary card an applied one of my skills – writing proposals – to the services I saw.
There is an inner prompter in every man wound, like a dynamo on the wheels of a bycycle, by the skills acquired to spot opportunities. This is the way to spot the colours opportunities.
Fola Daniel Adelesi. 

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