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The word influence has some synonyms including effect, inspiration, impact, stimulus, encouragement, guidance, power and sway. I got interested in the word sway and I began to search for more words so I found out that other words for sway- a synonym for influence are power, rule, control, authority and dominance. From all of this, you may want to agree that influence also means power, authority, control, rule and dominance.
Having gotten those words as the pacesetters, it may now be clear to you if I say that some people do not know the level of authority or the amount of power that they have over others and do not use it consciously. Do you know the level of authority you have over others? Are you aware of how your influence power, authority, dominance, control, sway, inspiration, impact and encouragement affect the lives of other people?
The subject of influence is not new to many but the impact of a discussion on influence is often underrated because we live everyday of our lives influencing people yet we forget that we do it all the time. A few peoples lives are built on the fact that some men and women are conscious of their influence and they affect the lives of younger people positively. Unfortunately, many other people do not realize the weight of their influence and so do not know how much of negative influence they have on others.
It is important for us all to begin to check our level of influence because I do not believe that there is anyone who does not have some measure of influence. The only thing is that we all use our influence at different levels and for different purposes.
Has it ever occurred to you that someone is watching the way you do things and will probably do it exactly the way you are doing it without asking questions? You may not know that there are people who believe so much in you and will do everything you say because they think it must be the standard since you do it that way! For of the people who will look up to you and attempt to take clues from you will be old enough to take decisions for themselves but other may be too young to take decisions!
We sometimes talk about abuse of power but I think that one of the reasons for abuse of power is either because people do not know how much power they have or they have so much power that the people following them are not aware of. It is the same thing when it comes to influence. Many of us are abusing the influence that we have because we do not know that our influence is so powerful and can build or destroy the lives of some other people. Interestingly, some people are aware of the level of influence that they have but they just dont care who it affects or who it does not affect.
There are people who look up to us for direction in life even if they dont come directly to us. We stand a chance of leading them in the right path or leading them in the path of destruction simple by living our lives the way we want to. I think we need to live on daily basis with a question in our minds. That question should be, how does my action influence people knowingly or unknowingly and positively or negatively?
We must live with the consciousness of our influence if we will ever live a meaningful life. Who are you influencing and how are you influencing them?
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