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Shared platforms are some of the things we need to work on in our lives if we are ever going to impact anyone positively or use our influence consciously. There are too many people with platforms they cannot afford to share with others and thats not because it is not possible to share the platforms but because they are either too afraid or too greedy to share their platforms. When we refuse to share platforms with others, we limit the chances of replicating and successes and also make life more difficult for younger generations.
For a number of people, the reason they refuse to share their platforms is because they are afraid they might lose the platforms and they think the people who are getting their platforms might take over from them. If you have developed yourself so well there is no need for you to be afraid about sharing your platforms. One level of success is achieving what you want to achieve in life but a higher level of success is helping others achieve what they intend to achieve by sharing your platforms with them.
If you are on television, why cant you use your show to promote what young people are doing without asking them for money all the time? If you are on radio why cant you give an upcoming or aspiring presenter the chance to rise through your platforms? If you work in a place where you stand a chance of recommending people for jobs and they will be employed I think you are not making good use of your influence if you have not started recommending people right now! Some people are pastors and they will never allow younger pastors get a chance to ever preach on their pulpit. They can allow them take announcements and every other thing that does not really reveal the gifts inside of them but as soon as they start taking those things that reveal their gifts, the pastors become very uncomfortable.
You might be a boss in the office and you are not sharing your platforms with people. You have invitations to attend some conferences and you are the only one who wants to go to all the conferences even when you can afford to send someone else and give them a chance to build themselves as well! Some of the things we will be remembered for in life will include the things that rightfully belong to us but we willingly shared with others to help them attain greatness.
I should say that people need to stop withholding platforms and restricting people who have access to their platforms. I understand that you will want to sustain a culture of excellence and that means you dont bring just anyone on board but you still have to be careful not to throw anyone away. I have already talked about transferring skills to people through a previous series on the conscious use of influence but one other simple way we can transfer skills is to share platforms with people. Some people just need the platforms and they will be ready to explode with all the talents theyve got.
From today, look for deliberate ways to help and share platforms with younger people. Use what you have to help others build what they are doing or promote what they are doing. Send in a recommendation for a younger person and gift that person a great start in life. That will be a conscious use of your influence!
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