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When I first saw the statement, the gift of a man maketh room for him, I thought it was about the mans ability, talents or special gifting in life. Some years later I saw another version of the Bible that puts it as the bribe so it became clear that that it was a monetary issue. If we put it in the two perspectives skills and money we will find out that both can help us make more conscious use of our influence! Having begun with a premise in the scripture, i would also want to defend the fact that both skills and money can help us make more conscious use of our influence. As for skills, we have heard seest thou a man diligent in his work. He shall stand before kings and not before mean men. And as for money, we have heard money answereth all things.
It is to set the records straight and let you know that my focus here is not about using money to influence what you want to do or need to do. My focus here is to call more attention to the fact that we can influence more people through our gifts, abilities or talents depending on the one you prefer to use. There are some people who have developed their ability to sing and they are using such to write and as well sing inspirational songs that now inspire the nation. There are times when you feel so discouraged and you can just pick up the CDs of such people to listen to their songs and you just find that they are soul lifting and you always want to hear such music. In the contemporary Nigerian setting I would conveniently say that one of such people is Dr. Panam Percy Paul. You may feel that things are not going according to your plan but just then you hear songs like dont give up, its not over.
For some other people, it is their ability to speak that they have developed. The world will never forget the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. we all keep talking how he fought very hard to see that the black race becomes a free race in the United States but we also need to remember that his oratory was a skill he had started using consciously and he ultimately affected the lives of other people. He used oratory to give hope to people and as well give them a voice where they were speechless or too intimidated to talk. How will a segregated black man feel when hearing I have a dream that one day, my four little children will no longer be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character? After telling them about a dream, he told them in another speech that he has been to the mountain top.
Nelson Mandela used the gift of resilience to help South Africa fight apartheid and so many people are walking free today because he lost his freedom for 27 years! You do not have to lose your freedom before you show us the gifts in you! All you need to see from a different perspective is that most of the great men you have heard about were people who consciously used their skills to help build the lives of others and make the society a better place.
Can I ask you to stop for a moment and make you check yourself just to see if you skill or ability or gift is influencing anyone in anyway? Have you ever used your gift to solve a problem for another person? Have you gone beyond one person to solving problems for groups or even societies with your gifts? When people ask you to be a problem solver, I think another way to put it is to ask you to make sure your personal gift or ability is instrumental to another persons comfort or progress in life.
When you learn to conscious use your gift and make it relevant to another person then you will be consciously influencing another person and maybe the nation!
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