The details your heroes left out | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes you have heroes or the people you admire because of their huge success. You look up to them on daily basis and you really want to be like them. You want to do the things they do and achieve the things they have achieved. Somewhere along the line you realize that it’s not as easy as you thought after embarking on your own journey.
At first you think that there is something they did that you are not doing or something they know that you don’t know. You just keep doing all that you have heard from the so called ‘masters’ and it stills looks like the results are not coming it.
Some of us have been in those shoes for years. We tried all that we heard and did all that we know. We watched some mentors or heroes and did what we knew or what they said that they did but it just didn’t seem to work for us.
At such times you just want to know what is wrong either with what you are doing or with you as a person. Why is this same thing that worked for others not working for me? Do I need to try harder or just reposition a little. Is it something with my brand or my marketing skills? If you go back to some of these mentors or heroes they will still have something to say about what it is that you left out. Once they tell you that one, you are in a hurry to go and try it.
Most of them find it hard to admit that there is something they are leaving out. They left out some important details in the process and really did not let you understand how they got to where they are today. While they are busy giving all the credits of the success to their strategy and hard work, they just did not admit that there was a time when things were really hard for them or that they went through a phase.
In my own case I am quick to let some of my protégés know what I went through and I am still going through. I try not to leave out the details so they don’t think anything is automatic. In fact, there was a time I was writing a series called my challenge as an entrepreneur.
There were days when I wanted to go and speak after being invited and there was no money to go to the venue. I had days when I got to the venue not know how I was going to return home and the people who invited me to speak were as broke as I was. So I would get into the room and inspire the people greatly then begin to inspire myself as I walk home because there was no money.
I have gone through times when there was no electricity supply from the power company and there is no money to buy fuel. About four of us in the house contributed about two hundred naira which is just a little above a dollar to buy fuel into our fuel efficient generator.
It’s important to know some of these details and when you don’t know it you will always think that you are the one who’s not doing something the right way. You may never realize that there’s just a phase everyone will grow through. The people you admire have gone through their own phases and they may not admit it.
You have to go through your own phase and when you go through it you will eventually get to that phase where people admire you too. They like you and like what you do and they want to have what you have also achieved.
Please don’t forget in your own time to make sure you give them the details and that way there will be a balance story from us to those who look up to us.

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