The discipline for greatness | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have no doubt that no one will be left out when you ask, ‘who wants to be great in life?’ You know what the answers will be and you know that many others can tell you the specific areas where they want to be great. That sounds good but what’s better is for you to show the discipline for greatness.
I remember there was a time I came across a documentary. I think it was titled, ‘the greatest inventions that were never made.’ The documentary showed all the great ideas that some people had. It also showed how those ideas would have changed the world, if only they became a reality. When I looked at some of those ideas, they looked very beautiful and I can’t also imagine how far reaching the effect will be. But the reality is that, those ideas remain on paper or at best became a documentary.
If you don’t want your own greatness to be referred to on paper, you need to have the discipline for greatness. If you don’t, people will only make reference to how great you could have been and the many great things that you could have achieved.
Don’t let people talk about what you could have achieved. Let them talk about the many great things that you achieved.
What will the discipline for greatness entail? I don’t think it is a long list of complex things that will make you great. It is just a list of some simple things that we probably know and refuse to do daily.
Chief among the things we need to do is to wake up daily and take a step of commitment towards what we intend to become in life. This sounds so simple but you will be amazed at how many people can’t commit to doing something daily that will lead to their desired greatness.
If you are aspiring to become a great writer, you must wake up and write daily. Do you want to become a great speaker, wake up daily and make notes about the great speeches you will be making even when there is no platform yet. Are you planning to become a great entrepreneur? Then you have to wake up and work the business details daily. Meet with great people who are already in business, learn from them and put to practice what you are learning daily.
Apart from waking up to do what needs to be done daily, you must develop your character while working on becoming great. There are too many people who focus on achieving greatness and seem to forget character development as an important tool to attaining the greatness or sustaining the greatness when it is achieved.
While you working at those things that will make you great on daily basis, you must pay attention to your character flaws because they will become obvious. You have a choice to deal with them or go about saying, ‘that’s who I am and I can’t change myself.’ When you notice a character flaw in yourself, be humble enough to admit that this needs to change. If it is something that will take a while before it can be changed, put in place measures to ensure that this flaw does not stop you from becoming great or bring you down after you have become great.
If we daily commit to doing something about our dreams and we work on our character while at it, greatness should not become a burden to us.  

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