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If you are going to succeed throughout a year and at anything for that matter you will need more than a New Year resolution or whatever it is that you write at the beginning of the year. it will also take much more than just writing a goal on your note pads and expecting the goals to jump out and become a reality. It you are truly ready to make a difference and have a productive life, it will really require the discipline to be productive.
There are so many of us who have wonderful ideas and can be very productive only if we are ready to deny ourselves some form of pleasure just to get things done. In some cases, we want to push the ideas and still want to have all the pleasure we have had before. You need to set a goal to be disciplined because of the productive life that you envisage. You will need more discipline with sleep, money, words of your mouth, eating habits and much more.
A new plan might require sleeping a lot less than you have been sleeping before now. If you have been sleeping for more than 8 hours you will need to cut down on your sleeping time to get that new plan executed. While it is a good thing for you to sleep, you also need to note that too much sleeping is also not good for you. That’s why the Bible also says that ‘a little sleep a little slumber, a little folding of the arms so shall poverty come …’ Sleep is good but it has to be moderate and you must get up early or in some cases stay up late just to have your desired results.
For a number of people, the discipline they will require for productivity is to be more prudent financially. You need to cut down on buying everything and especially the things that are not urgent. If you keep buying everything then it means you are already trading your future! While I am not saying it is bad to buy things you should also ask yourself if it is really necessary to buy those things. Take for instance, the cost of some mobile phones is enough to register a limited liability company in Nigeria, and I am sure in other countries of the world as well. And you will find the users of these mobile phones complaining about their jobs yet they do not have a business or have not thought about starting a business of their own. They drive very expensive cars that can pay an office rent for them for at least a period of two years and buy furniture into the office as well. Some of them even have two of such cars which means they have more than enough money to branch out and start their businesses but they keep buying all the things they do not need while complaining about their jobs.
I can’t help but think about those who live in some highbrow areas where they pay very high rent. I should even say ridiculous rent in some cases. I understand that some people need to be very close to their offices which explain why they try to get an apartment close to their office in some eye brow areas. But while you are there, you can’t continue to pay such ridiculous rents without owning your own house! The rent that most people pay in some, supposedly, posh areas in one or two years is enough for them to buy a land and build their houses or even buy a flat that has already been built. Some of them just want to brag about where they live rather than thinking about their future so they continue to pay ridiculous rents, enrich their landlords and also mortgage their future and that of their children.
Some may not be living in very expensive houses but they earn good salaries and there is still nothing they can show for the good salaries that they earn. Why do you think that some have nothing to show? It’s pretty easy. They spend most of the money before earning it. Before the salary comes they have already bought a few things on loan and when the money comes they barely have enough to go through the rest of the month. You need to delay some purchases that you make if they will mess up your finances and get you to keep borrowing. The other part is that you should also never borrow the money you don’t need for any reason at all just to stay away from trouble.
I believe you can become very productive and succeed but not without becoming more disciplined.  Get disciplined with some old habits or culture and those other things you know about that have not helped you over the years.      

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  1. Good write up,just stumbled on your blog and its really inspiring,keep up the good work. Could you pls edit the ‘eyebrow’,it should be highbrow,we all are works in progress.

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