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If anyone has ever taught you how to build a house without teaching you how to prepare the foundation, the person has only taught you how to prepare a big beautiful coffin! You need to know that there is no amount of principle you can know about success that will take the place of the discipline to succeed and that is why it is very important to talk about the discipline to succeed! I am not aware of any man who has succeeded without a measure of discipline regardless of colour or resources!
If you are a man of vision you will need a lot of discipline to excel in life. There will be so many other things that other people can do but you will not be able to do them. Nothing may be wrong with those things but you will not be able to do them because of what you intend to achieve. Take for instance, there is nothing wrong in sleeping all through the night! You actually need enough rest and whenever you sleep all through the night you may feel properly rested. When you now think about your vision, you will realize that you cannot afford to sleep all through the night. You will have to be disciplined enough to deny yourself of sleep either preparing physically or spiritually through prayer for the vision that you have.
Some other people may decide to attend parties all through the weekend but you cannot do that! You need to attend trainings or stay at home and read some books. You probably have to stay back and do some research regarding those things you intend to achieve. Something will keep you back when every other person says they want to go out there and enjoy themselves. Their own lives will be about looking for something to help them feel good but your own life is about trying to proffer solution to something.
If you call yourself an author you will need the discipline to stay indoor for hours and write. If you say you are a speaker you will spend a great deal of time preparing speeches for occasions that you have not even been invited to! This must happen because you are preparing in advance! When others are going to see the movie that is the talk of the town you will have to bury your head in some books or instructional materials like tapes or ‘How-to’ kind of books from great men who are sharing their success stories.
I have seen young men and women who want to become the leaders of their nation but they are not disciplined enough to bury their heads in the history of the nation they would like to lead! How effective can you be as a leader if you are going to lead a nation and you know very little about that nation or the policies that the leaders of that nation are working with?
There are so many areas we can look at for different people when it comes to discipline. Someone just needs to spend less time sleeping and more time working. Another person may need to spend more time practicing rather than roaming the street! If you want to become a great pianist, saxophonist, drummer or guitarist, how much time do you spend practicing? If you are going to be a great sportsman, how much time do you spend working out your tactics apart from the general practice of the team?
Whatever you are asking for, you must be disciplined enough to spend a great deal of time working on that thing alone. This you must do, bearing in mind that your discipline will pay off for you on the long run because it will stand you out from those who spend less time practicing. If you spend more time on something, you are supposed to be able to deliver more results in that area. You now need to ask yourself what exactly you need to be disciplined about? What is it that you are supposed to be doing that you are not doing at all or you are doing so little of?
Until you cultivate the discipline to succeed, success may remain far away even though you have all the potentials needed to succeed! Start today, cultivate the needed discipline and you will be moving a step closer to success every time you discipline yourself!
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  1. Very thoughtful sir…

    Thanks for this piece, I never knew success has its own discipline until I read this piece…may God continue to increase you. Amen

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