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Are you a dreamer or a realist? Well, we all fall into one category and once we identify which one we are, we seem to go further in that direction in every area of our lives. Some people will always dream big and when they talk you can only try to imagine the possibility of what they are saying. On the other hand there are those who will only talk about what is obviously possible. They call themselves realist. Anything that seems like dreaming big will never be heard from them.
If you are going to live well on this earth or have anything meaningful in life, you need to have a balance. I am more of a dreamer than the person who is called a realist. I imagine things a lot and I want them to have a great outcome. It’s the possibility mentality that keeps me going. I just don’t want to think that doing things the small way is the only way. There has to be a bigger and better way to get things done.
A couple of times the big dreaming has not worked. That does not mean that dreaming big is a problem but I was with one of my coaches recently and we got talking about someone I needed to work with. He simply said, ‘you guys complete each other. You are the dreamer and she’s the realist.’
Do you understand why you need both a dreamer and a realist either in your personal life or your business? That is the real way to move your business forward. In your organisation there will be those dreaming really big. Those are the kind of people that can set the vision for the organisation. They can help with projections and setting goals. Once you have such people do their jobs then you take it to the realists. The realists will be the ones who help with the real strategies for execution.
When it looks like something is just an imagination, the realists will tackle that one and let you know what they think will be able to work. The realists can take you out of the dream zone and let you see the things you need to face in life.
This does not mean you will jettison some the things that the dreamer or the realist said. In fact, you actually need to bring both of them together and find the balance in between. Once you are able to find the balance you can then move on from there.
Your personal relationships either as a spouse or parent or just some family member needs a dreamer and a realist too. Someone once said, ‘I my own marriage I am the dreamer and my wife is the realist.’ When the husband dreams really big he will need the wife to bring him back to reality. So you might, for a start, have a situation where it looks like someone is moving really fast and the other person is dragging back. You both have to sit and talk about a new meeting point then you move on from there.
I can say to you that when you find any organisation that is working, it’s because there is a dreamer to dream really big and a realist to strike the balance. When you also find a relationship that is working well, you just might see that there is the dreamer thinking about the possible lofty heights and the realist that’s making sure they are not riding imaginary horses.
Are you a dreamer or a realist? Whichever one you are is really good but the more important thing is to make sure that you are putting the balance in all that you do. 

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