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Many of us need to live our lives in a more conscious way than we have done in the past. When we do this, we will realize that there are some battles we could have won just by watching and not necessarily having to pray out all the energy in us. A few years ago I listened to a speaker who gave a profound illustration of how the enemy watches us before attacking us and I would like to share that with you today. Imagine that there are two football teams who have to play each other in a game that has been fixed. Let’s call them team A and team B. If the coach of Team A wants to win the match, one of the things he will do is to get the videos of matches that have been played by Team B in the past, watch all the matches, look out for the key players and observe the tactics that the coach of Team B uses. By the time he’s done watching the games of Team B, he knows exactly how to play team B in the next game.
Following that brief picture, you can imagine that there are people who spend time watching you just to make sure they know how to overtake you. In some cases, it can be people in your office who have devoted some time to watching you just to know the right time to strike. They know when you go for break and when you return. They already know when you arrive and when you close. You may not seem to be doing anything wrong right now but they are simply after your position and the day you make a mistake they are ready to strike. Have you ever wondered by you try as much as you can to do so many things right but when you make a mistake, the mistake is never pardoned? Someone is watching you! Someone likes the seat you are in at the moment and will not mind taking over that seat! You will be surprised to see that someone wants your husband or someone wants your wife and they are just trying to see what can possibly go wrong for them to be in the position that you are in.
You need to be a little more careful and not allow your life to always go in just one straight pattern. Your life should be a little unpredictable just for your own security. If people know how you always do things and when you always do those things, you just might be giving yourself up to your enemies. Going back to the illustration I started with, when the coach of Team B knows that the coach of Team A has been seeing their games, he might be able to sail through by pulling a few surprises. One of the things he can do is to change the game plan that he has been known for. If he has been known to be a coach who is always very defensive, he might try to be a bit offensive by putting more strikers on the pitch. The important thing is to make sure that you are not the one giving yourself away just with your own rather consistent and predictable actions all the time.
Once in a while, it just might be nice to be different and change all your plans without announcing to anyone. If you have a regular route going home, you might need to change it once in a while. If you have a regular route to your office, just change it once in a while. If you are a business person, change your strategy once in while. If you render services to people, do them differently and just be a little on predictable with how you deliver but you must consistently deliver excellence!
Always remember that the enemy is watching and one of the ways they can get to you is to watch what you have always done and the way you have always done and to also hope that you do not change. Change your pattern once in a while and daze your enemies to move ahead of them!
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