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When we hear the stories of some successful people, they inspire us and they make certain things inside of us jump up. Sometimes, the reason we connect with those stories of greatness is not merely because they are sweet but because there is something in us as well that can achieve as much as the feat of those heroes we hear about on daily basis. It is from this innate connection that we begin to draw up a list of mentors, role models or even decide individually on which course the steer the ship of our lives. While the admiration we have for great people is not a bad thing, we must remember that we need more that that admiration to achieve the great feat they have achieved. We will need the faith for big risks.
I have often said that greatness is not for men of small hearts. It also does not mean that you need a heart that’s the size of your country or the entire world. In fact, much more than the size of the heart, you will need a very strong heart that sees every reason to turn back still keeps going. The kind of heart that may not be able to prove end results but is still willing to stay committed to a course of action is what you will always need to get things done.
A long time time ago someone shared a story with me. It was about a man who wanted to his only daughter to get married to the right man. He thought of what to do and then invited all of them over for a meeting. He simply asked them to prepare for a swimming competition so all the suitors thought that was a cheap thing to do in order to get a wife. When all the suitors got to the house of their prospective father in law, he took them to a pool. He started out by saying ‘whoever can swim through this pool will eventually marry my daughter. However, I must warn you that there are crocodiles inside the pool.’ All the suitors thought the man must be mad to expect people to swim through a pool with crocodiles just to marry his daughter so they started walking away. Just as they started away, they heard a splash of water. Someoene was already in the pool and had started swimming. They all became fixed like pillars trying to figure out what happened or who it was that went into the pool without consideration for his life because of a woman. A few minutes later, the man came out gasping for breath. While everyone went close to congratulate him, including the prospective father in law, they noticed how furious he was. Before they could say anything he asked, ‘who pushed me?’
It was one of his friends who knew him so well that pushed him. His friend believed that he knew this young man’s ability to take a risk but he just didn’t have the faith to take that risk except he found himself in it and there was no way out. We definitely need the courage or faith to take some kinds of risks thst will make people ask us if we are crazy only for them to later praise our courage when they see our results. Though I am not asking you to go and push your friends to take the risk they are not willing to take, I still think that we need some people to push us to take some risks and to also help some of our friends and family to be well informed risk takers.
I say we need the faith to do this because it will be something we cannot explain rationally but it needs to be done for us to get to where we are going. You can start this by taking small risks consistently first and later increase the size or kind of risks that you take. While greatness is desirable, remember that you will need the faith to take some big risks before you can achieve the desired greatness. Go for that risk becuase I think you can!

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