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While it appears as though there are so many people who are out there looking for money, there are those that we also need to pay attention to and you will be so surprised at the reaction of these people towards money. I make bold to say that some of these people have what I call the fear of money and when we do not address it they will never attain their desired financial goals or financial independence in life.
Why will anyone have the fear of money or do you think that this is just a figment of my imagination? Have you not met people who are afraid of money? I think that by the time you are done reading this, it may also shock you that some of your money habits are because you are afraid of money.
So how do you know these people who have the fear of money? The first thing you see is that they, like every other person, have a high expectation for money. Before the money comes they have a lot of plans and they are really waiting for the money to come. By the time the money comes, their actions and words will change. I have seen the case of someone who definitely wants money and when the money came, he didn’t know what to do. He constantly went to someone for advice. He was always taking advice yet he never did what he was advised to do.
You will see people who have money but are afraid to spend on their immediate needs. They just hold unto the money and they are hungry or even suffering. There are people you would have underrated and you will never even imagine that they have more money than you can get in a whole year of hard work. They eat less than what they should eat. Wear less than what they can reasonable afford. They keep talking about managing money and their idea of managing money is to spend so little and keep the rest.
Guess what? I am yet to see that person who becomes rich or becomes financially independent just have reducing all expenses and relying on savings without investing or taking some risk to start a business. Some of your money has to go out in form of a seed to bring back more.
The people who have the fear of money are always afraid of losing the money they already have. Because of that, they are afraid to spend, afraid to invest, afraid to start business and also afraid to give. They are afraid to leave the money where it is. They are afraid to start something that have been proven to work for others. They always think about the possibility of the money getting stuck or the business not working out.
When you see people who have stumbled on some money and can’t take any risk to multiply the money then you have seen people who are afraid of money. Unfortunately, some of these people who have the fear of money think that the way to secure their money is to keep it in a certain place.
You should erase that notion which makes you believe your money will be safe somewhere if you keep it and don’t touch it. Let me quickly show you something that can touch your money wherever you keep it. That thing is called inflation. It does not matter how many locks you have to open to get to where your money is. Inflation can get there easily. The values of things out there are increasing and the value of your money is going down. What that means is that if you save an amount of money for a year, by the time you get back o where the money is, it no longer has the same value as it used to have. The first way to note that is the fact that what you could by with that same money one year ago can no longer be purchased with the same amount.
Overcome your fear of money. You don’t have to be afraid to spend the money you have provided you are spending wisely. You should not be afraid to invest or start businesses when you have done your ground work and your steps are guided by informed decisions and experiences of other expert.
Do you have the fear of money? You need to get rid of it. If you don’t have any idea how to do that then you need to read my blog post tomorrow on dealing with your fear of money.

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