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We will have a lot of things and issues and people to fight in our life time and one of the things you need to remember about fighting is that you have to keep the fight going in order to win the fight! I should also start out by saying that this is not a physical fight and it’s not the kind of fight that works out with your strength or the weapons that you have access to! Did I hear you say how am I supposed to keep the fight going without any weapon or my physical strength?
For some people it’s the emotional fight about the things going on in their lives and the things they don’t want to experience but they keep happening to them. For some other people they have to fight the issue of their children being the disobedient ones and always hanging out with the gangs that will most likely end up in jail. You may have tried all that you can but it seems jail is inevitable for that child you once carried in your arms as a promising child! In some other cases you will find people having a really big fight about keeping their marriages together and they just don’t understand what’s going on in the life of that person they were so crazy about! It’s at that point you see that you probably have some hatred for the same person you loved so much that you would go the extra mile for!
I have seen some people fighting through school just to be able to get a degree and I have seen some other people whose fight is not about anything big but just to get a decent meal to put on the table for their humble families! These same folks may also be in organisations that are owing them salaries and there’s barely anything they can call a future!
I sometimes admit that there are people who are in some situations that no amount of motivation can bring out if the motivation is from a man but as I watched some wrestling matches with my wife last night I could only say, ‘the fight must go on until it’s over!’ We saw some people who were knocked down again and again! They were punched and their arms were twisted and also carried up to be thrown on the floor! It looked like the game was over for some of them and when their opponents knocked them down in order to get three counts from the referee, the ones who have been badly beaten will jack up again before the third count to indicate they are still in the fight! At some point it could just be a quick move or just one serious hit and the one who seemed to have been losing will suddenly win the fight!
Like those guys in the wrestling game, I need you to keep jacking back up before the third count of life’s referee to indicate you are still in the game even though you’ve been bruised! Stay on in the fight to keep your family together! Don’t give up the fight to get your husband back! It’s not too late to stop your son from going to jail! You can still bring out the princess in your daughter who’s no longer different from a prostitute! Keep your CV and go back to that business you mighty entrepreneur! Don’t give up on your multinational business at its infancy level! The fight continues! One more move can help you win even though you seemed to have lost! Gather all the strength left in you and throw the last punch!
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