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When I see people who have a strong sense of hope in them, it’s like seeing someone who has a bulldozer going ahead of them and levelling every mountain before them. The opposite is the case with those without a sense of hope. They go around feeling limited and stranded and they keep seeing walls in front of them.
You are to make what you want in life and that can be determined by the choice you make. Are you ready to stay with the frustrations that you are experiencing or you want to engage the force of hope? When you engage the force of hope you will see that things can actually turn out differently.
Some people may think that the issue of hope is just another motivational gimmick. May it is for some people and maybe it is not. What will it cost you to engage hope and see what it can do for you? I have seen that people without hope can die before their time and people with hope can live longer than they expect to live.
It is because of the hope that we have in us that we keep going on daily basis but I want you to be conscious of the force that the hope in you carries if you engage it. There is more to hope than just saying ‘hope things turn out well.’ No, don’t hope things will turn out well. Use the hope within you to ensure that things turn out the way you want them in your mind.
Many of us have lost chances and some very rare opportunities just because we do not think that things can happen for us through the hope in us. One day I was speaking with a friend and asking if he had ever experienced miracles with his financial income before. He said he has never experienced that before.
When I heard that I was a bit surprised. He told me he’s had to work for virtually everything he gets and even struggle for some of them. Now when I am talking about miracles with what you get I don’t expect you to be lazy and hope that things will happen for you. That’s not what I am saying. But I have seen some business opportunities come my way that naturally could have gone to someone else. I recently anchored an event and someone was asking me how I got the link for the event.
I do my best to work hard and I don’t think anyone around me can say that I am lazy but with that, I still have hope that what will happen for me will be some steps ahead of what I have been able to do for myself. I use or engage hope in getting things done. I have come to see that if I don’t engage hope, I will only be getting peanuts and I am really tired of peanuts when there is so much more one can get from what is being done.
With hope working in your heart as you go about your business, you can see contracts that are practically impossible coming your way. You will get requests to do businesses and you will be wondering how some of these people got to know you. There will be times when you will get offers and you will say, ‘this is unbelievable.’
You can be on the same skill level with someone around you but your results can be different based on the hope that’s working in both of you. I think that you can choose to get only the little that you get or choose to get more out of life. the choice is yours and that also depends on if you are willing to engage the force of hope. Remember, hope has a force to pull down things that just seem impossible; bring up things that don’t seem existent and create opportunities that no one can imagine for you. Engage hope as you do all the other right things.

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