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I understand that there may be things you have been crying about right now just because your colleagues have gotten theirs and you have not gotten anything yet. You feel you are lagging behind in life or you just have not done as much as your mates have done. So you are dejected and just waiting for things to happen for you.
You can be rest assured that things will happen for you and when they happen, it will not look like you have been lagging behind or that you lost some time. It will just be as if you have always had those things that will come your way.
Do you remember the story of the master who went out to hire people to work in his vineyard? He got some people in and agreed to pay them a certain amount. That can be likened to getting someone to come into your company and agreeing to a salary. The parable also says that this man went out some hours later to hire another set of people who were idle. After some hours he went out again. He did that until the eleventh hour. He saw some people idle and asked them why they were still idle. Those people told him that no one has hired them.
The statement – no one has hired us – can actually mean no one has ‘favoured us’ or ‘helped us’ or ‘employed us.’ So he employed them immediately. One hour later when the work was over and it was pay time, he paid everyone the same thing. Those who got into the vineyard earlier became very angry. They felt they should have been paid more or those guys that came later should not have earned as much as they did.
That’s not even the case right now. You may have been one of those standing idle outside the vineyard and expecting miracles to happen. I believe that God will do for you what he did to those guys who got into the vineyard at the last hour. Can you imagine that even though they got what you can call a late breakthrough or testimony, they still got the full value compared to those who got theirs early enough.
Right now you may be feeling cheated by nature. You are wondering why some people who don’t have half of your skills are doing a lot better financially and you are struggling. I can tell you that by the time you are invited into the vineyard or when the waiting is over, you will still get full value.
People would have thought it was unfair to start working at the eleventh hour and still get the same pay that those guys who came since morning also got. That is the way men think. They will say it should not happen that way. When God favours you, who dare to complains? It is God’s favour and not your making. It’s like God rewarding you for all those years of waiting and the sorrow you felt in your heart. You have no business trying to explain why God favoured you that way.
I can assure you too that soon enough, God will favour you in a manner that some people will be jealous. They will feel like protesting but there is nothing they can do about it. You have already lost so much time while you waited. Others passed you by and they mocked you. Some people even called you lazy just because things worked for them. God will put all these into consideration and make sure he takes care of the past sorrows.
If I were you, I will not just be expecting God to come through for me so that I can just get by. I want the full value. Full value of what I could have gotten if the blessings started coming years ago. Wait for God because his full value is coming to you soon.

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