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Your pains may be many today and it can be hard to go through them all but I can assure you that even though the pains are real, the gains are also real. While the pains may appear to be so much, the gains will far outweigh the pains.
One thing that happens to many people is that they can bear their pains for a while and they quit. As soon as they do, their pain stops and they are only relieved for a while. The reason they are relieved for a while is that they have lost something bigger than the pain they seem to have stopped.
You are probably going through some pains right now and that can be because of something you believe in. in fact, the pains may be unbearable but you will eventually see, if you stay to the end, that the gains far outweigh the pains.
I often remember when I was a secondary school student and all the pains that we went through as students. I always remember how some of the seniors barked orders at us and we were bound to obey even when it was not convenient or easy for us to do so. Many of them even got a chance to beat us for no just cause and we had to just stay in the school because we wanted an education.
We eventually got the education that we wanted and I can say that most of us became so happy at the end of the day. It was tough. I wanted to quit. Many others left but those of us who waited can say that it was worth the pain and the gains are more than the pains.
Similar things happened when we were in the higher institution. Some of our lecturers would intimidate us and insult us. There were no adequate facilities in some of the environments where we studied. Sometimes, as students, we would walk several kilometres to either get to school or return from school because the transport managers left us stranded.
They could do all of that to us while we were students but things have changed. Many also had to quit but many more did not have a choice but to continue till the end. We did and are today very happy that things are working out for our own good. I even remember one incident that was not too pleasant for me. I got robbed by fellow students off the last cash on me. We just had so many other reasons to give up if we were to look at the pains we went through.
In life, beyond the school walls, being in some jobs hasn’t been very comfortable. Nearly all of us are going through one form of pain or the other just to keep our jobs or to get there on daily basis. When some people are preparing for work, they actually think they are preparing for war because they know what they will be facing when they get to the office that day. Many are living through like that every day just to make a living or to rise through the ranks in their career.
What you are going through right now may seem hard and also unknown to many others around you. You manage to smile at them and stay cheerful while they are around but your pain is inexplicable. I only want to assure you that the pains are there but the gains are more than those pains. At the end of it all, you will be able to smile and say, ‘the pain was worth it.’
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