The Game can still change! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Does it look like you are playing a game that you are already losing or it just looks like you don’t even know what you are doing? Wait a minute! Do you remember that games are usually unpredictable in so many cases until the end of the game? I can say that yours is one of those very many unpredictable games and you need to keep your hope alive until you win before the end of the game. Life itself is a game and what keeps you in the game is not just being alive but keeping your hope alive and be willing to play actively to win in the game of life!
You may have been doing things that are not working. It is possible you have started a business and have also closed the business because you could not run the business any more. You may have thought about all the things that are going wrong around you and maybe suicide is the only option you have at the moment! Just hold on! It’s not yet time for suicide! You need to look back into the game and just make the move to try and win!
I am not a football freak but I remember going to speak in an event but I had to wait in the hotel for a while before the event started. While I was waiting I saw a football match which involved Mali and one other African nation that I don’t remember right now. At the time I started watching Mali was already 4 goals down but you could see the players trying all they could just to get back in the game. I could not imagine that a game that seemed to have been won already just changed in the 72nd minute of the game. Mali scored the first equalizer and that boosted the morale of the team. Amazingly, they scored 3 more goals to have a 4-4 draw before the end of 90 minutes! It was unbelievable! I actually called that the Malian resurgence.
Maybe just like the Malians all you need is the first goal and every other thing will turn around for you. Even if all you need is the first goal, remember it may not come cheap especially if you have lost hope on even getting that first goal.
The game may be your marriage or your business or some other personal issues in your life. You do not have to focus on losing because things have not worked for you as you planned right now! When you focus on losing in any game, you never get a chance to come back into the game and take charge! Take a shot in your mind about the possibility of winning the game and keep at it!
Whatever it is that you are doing which may not seem like its best right now can still change but if that change will happen it will need you! Don’t give up just yet and conclude that nothing can work in your favour! I have seen games changing in the last minute or changing during the extra time. Even if you are on your extra time, the game can still change! Keep believing and keep your focus on the possibility of winning! Fola Daniel Adelesi
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