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The ability to move from one point to the other is a great gift from God and it has been to a great advantage to many, just as it has been to a great disadvantage to many others. Some people already know that the gift of mobility is something anyone needs to treasure by exercising restraints from time to time. Even though you have the ability to move to wherever you choose, you need to be wise enough not to move before you are supposed to move and to also move quickly when you are supposed to move. Because of the gift of mobility, some people have moved in a hurry out of the plan and purposes of God for their lives. It is sometimes a great thing to be restless and desire to move on in life but you must also know when to be patient enough to just wait!
Reverend Sam Adeyemi once shared his revelation experience about being restless. He talked about how God showed him that trees don’t have the ability to move so they will always stay wherever they are planted. In the bad season they will be on that spot and in the good season they will be on that spot. They never move. They just wait for God’s arrangement to fall into place and with time the trees begin to blossom. He (God) said it’s not the same with us human beings. Because we have the ability to move, we always move at every slight opportunity to do so. We are too impatient and that’s because God gave us free movement. Any time we experience small delays we just move away from where we are experiencing the delays. It’s a generation when we want everything to happen instantly.
While it is not totally a bad thing to move when it looks like things are not working, most people move too quickly and also in the wrong direction. Before you move away from where you are you need to ask questions. And as you ask those questions there are some of them you have to answer yourself. Did you bring yourself to where you are? Did you just follow friends to where you are? Did you follow God’s orchestration to where you are?
If it was friends that led you to where you are then friends may a well lead you away from the place but if God led you to a place then it must be God who will lead you away from that place. God cannot get you to a place and you are the one telling him it’s time to leave the place! If many of us have no capacity to move around, it will not be so difficult for us to just stay where God placed us and stick with God’s plan. It is now clear that the gift of restlessness which was given to us by God to know when to move and when not to is being misused just because of impatience.
You need to know that impatience is one of the greatest enemies of staying in God’s plans and purposes for our lives. At the time when you really need to wait on God and not even think about moving at all, that’s when it usually appears as though everything is too slow. That’s the time it will look like you are stranded but things are happening for other people. It’s then you will begin to feel that the things you are struggling to do are the things that other people are doing cheaply. Once you see that you start getting worried and start running around. Sometimes in the bid to make sure things pick up for us as human beings, we run to the wrong people. Some run into trouble while looking for solutions. They would think they have found solutions to their problems because their immediate problems would be solved but they would end up in bigger troubles. People have unconsciously run into cult groups rather than just waiting patiently because of the gift of restlessness.
You can save yourself a lot of trouble by not abusing your ability to move around. Don’t just jump up and get going. Be guided, and not just by anyone but by God. That way, your waiting will mean you are not wasting. Every minute of waiting will be worth it and you can move faster than anyone who seems to be running, but in the wrong direction.
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