The goal is to make impact | Fola Daniel Adelesi

We all came to this earth and it seems some people have forgotten the essence of this great visit to the earth. Some people think we are here to make money and live a good life. While that is necessary, it is simply an offshoot of the main thing. The main thing we came to this earth to do is to make impact.
If you have not figured out a way to make impact then that’s the next most important thing for you to do. You may be making money already and you may have people working for you. That you have people working for you does not mean you’re making enough impact or the kind of impact you were designed to make. You may wonder why that is so. Well the people working for you have an agreement with you and they are getting what they deserve for the work they’ve done. So we need to stop making people’s work look like charity.
When we talk about impact, we are not talking about people doing something for you in exchange for money. That’s service provided that you have paid for. I am talking about the people who cannot pay you back or give you any service in return whose lives you have impacted.
We exist to make impact and not only to be impacted. If you’re reading this, you have certainly been impacted one way or the other by the people around and the government of the nation you live in. You may feel disadvantaged and you may think nothing is happening in your life. Whatever the issue is, you’re still here because of the impact of someone on your life and you need to turn around to make that impact or a greater impact on someone else.
Let’s even say you weren’t impacted. You should make the effort to impact others in the area of education and giving a better life. Help someone get that education they cannot afford. Help someone live a decent life rather than living on the street. Help someone start a business so the person can make a living.
Your impact can be in form of an invaluable counsel to people as well. When you give a counsel that turns someone’s life around, that is impact. When you give a counsel that saves someone’s marriage or business that is impact. If you have been successful at doing something, you can turn around and show the younger people coming after you how to do the same thing excellently well. Show them the mistakes you made and how to avoid them. Show them the opportunities to look out for and that will help you make impact in the lives of other people.
In some other cases, the way to make impact is to open doors for people. You know certain people that people around you know but you haven’t made the effort to connect them. Don’t hesitate to connect people. Some people simply need that connection for their lives to be completely transformed. Why are you holding back? The interesting part is that the connection you’re holding back is just a friend to you and there’s nothing much you’re doing together so why not extend their potential to impact to others?
There are several other ways to impact people that you may also find out in your environment. Make life better for someone else. Make life better for a comunity, state, nation and then continent. Take it to the next level and make life better for an entire world! I am waiting for your impact just as I hope my writing already impacts you.

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