The God of perfection | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

​And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made ~ Genesis 2:2 KJV.
From the story of creation, we saw that God rested on the seventh day and the reason for the rest is not because he was tired. I don’t even think that it is possible for Him to have gotten tired. He spoke things into existence and whatever force was keep those things had to release them. It’s the same way I believe that God will speak things into existence in your life and whatever force was holding those things back will release them. God rested because he had finished what he needed to do. He had perfected all that needed perfection. That was why God rested on the seventh day. It was after perfection that he rested. He rested because there was nothing more to add to what he had already created. Everything was good and in order. Nothing was out of place.
In the preceding chapter which is also the first chapter of the Bible, we saw a record saying everything God created was good. That means he started the creation, evaluated them and did not stop until it was good. Again I say that God will look at your life this month and evaluate it. He will make sure he does not stop until everything that needs perfection has been taken care of. We are in the seventh month and it signifies perfection. This month, God will perfect all that he has started in your life in Jesus name. You need to note that God will never start what he cannot finish. He has also not started anything before that he has no capacity to finish. When he starts something, he does not stop until he has perfected that thing.
He has started good things in your life and in this month of perfection, he will bring all those good things to perfection in Jesus name. In Philippians chapter 1 verse 6, the Bible says, ‘Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.’ The word perform in this verse was replaced with complete or perfect in some other verses of scripture. So it is certain that God has started a good work in you and will surely perform it.
What is it that has been started already in your life? Do you think it is taking too long to be completed or it has even been abandoned? Could it be a project you are handling? A job interview process that is taking too long? A promotion that has lingered for too long? Whatever good news you have been waiting for that has not surfaced will be perfected this month by the God of perfection in Jesus name.
Bring it all before God. I am confident that any issue which has not given way in order for you to move forward will eventually give way. You know the Bible says that at the mention of the name of Jesus, every knee, including that problem of yours, shall bow. This month, as you bring it (all your outstanding issues) all before the God who is able to perfect al things, you will begin to rejoice because he will perfect all things in your life.

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