The good part about being a child in your adult bodies | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes I look at children and it’s just amazing how they live a very simple life of innocence filled with hope for the future about things they don’t know how they even want to achieve! A child can wake up, walk up to the mother or father and ask for anything regardless of the cost! A child can dream in a very big way without thinking about the limitations to be encountered as a result of trying to achieve the dream. The minds of children are so pure that they cannot understand impossibilities or limitations. They don’t know what can be done or what cannot be done!
Children do not know about people who make them the focus of gossip so they are just not bothered. You need to see them talk so freely about their dreams, goals, desires, cars they like and the houses they want. They probably don’t know that it costs daddy or mummy something in order to get them what they want but their thoughts are so free from the limitations and pressures from to adults from the reality on what to pay to get the luxuries of life!
Sometimes we just need to go back to being children again and give ourselves the opportunity not to worry about anything and everything. We’ve got to have faith like children and just act like them with some of the projects we are handling! When a child wants to do something, the child might have said what needs to be done before figuring how it could be done!
Life is so simple but only children truly understand that because they do not live with the burden of social pressure – the need to get a house and later a bigger house, the need to just have a car and later the need to have a bigger car, the need to become respectable and the need to be financially independent!
It’s a very good thing to think about being responsible and get ready for all the challenges that come with being responsible but the fear of failing ourselves, the society and friends keeps us constantly under pressure!
Does your baby in the house worry about the food to eat? Does your child worry about paying school fees? Has your child ever worried about some of the big dreams they open their mouths to talk about? Many of us had big dreams when we were young and we expressed our dreams freely but as we grew older, we began to see what some people call realities and unfortunately allowed the realities take the place of our dreams?
I’d really like to maintain some of the childish optimism – sincere belief that things can work without any special attention going to the potential challenges – that I had as a real child. When we stop the totality of being children in our hearts, we lose our hope and pave way for hopelessness simply for acknowledging challenges more than we recognize possibilities! Take back that part of your childish heart that just dreams and believes but pursue the dreams like and adult!
Fola Daniel Adelesi

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