The grasshopper spirit| © Fola Daniel Adelesi

And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. My inspiration today is taken from the Bible in Number 13:33 and that’s because I have been thinking about the grasshopper spirit for a while now. It’s amazing how some people have the choice to live with the spirit of boldness and faith and courage and still choose to live with the grasshopper spirit.
Here are some things you need to know about the grasshopper spirit:
1. It’s the kind of spirit that makes you think of yourself as being very little.
2. You also expand your personal limitation as the view of others concerning.
3. You will always talk about what you cannot do
4. You only see the problems
5. You constantly talk about doom if you have this spirit
6. The grasshopper spirit forgets past victories and therefore becomes ungrateful
When you take a look at the people in Numbers 13:33 you will realize that they were a set of people who had won so many battles without breaking a sweat yet they had issues trusting God to take them through the next phase of their lives! All they were seeing was death and that was what they constantly talked about. God had helped you kill several people just by an instruction and you did not have to raise your swords yet you still think you are like grasshoppers! When some people came after them in to the sea, everyone related to them walked through the sea while every other person was destroyed! One of the questions I am now asking is, ‘how did the water recognize those who were related to them such that it never killed anyone among them but as soon as the Egyptians started coming the water killed everybody?’
There are too many people around the world today who are living with the grasshopper spirit and in a way it could just be because you have forgotten how God helped you in the past and that’s why you have issues believing that he will help you again! When you go to bed and you have no control over what is happening around you He kept you safe and still woke you up when you needed to wake up but you see that as nothing. Human beings have too much capacity to worry whenever we are awake and alert! We have forgotten that someone was in charge when we went to sleep and some people even believe in their alarm clocks more than they believe in God to wake them up every morning!
Stop living with the grasshopper spirit which keeps drawing you back into your unpleasant past! You have a choice to move on with your life and see yourself as big as God sees you! Stop making yourself small because you are not as small as you said you are! You are really very big and there’s no humility in reducing yourself to a grasshopper when God says you are a giant!
Put aside all those things that make it difficult for you to believe in yourself. You do not own your life and so should not worry about it! God owns your life and he should be the one to worry about your life! Sometimes the way we human beings behave is like becoming so worried about the car of another person who lives in the next compound! It’s not your car so why are you so worried about another man’s problems? I have made up my mind that my life is for God and I don’t have much to worry about! My success is God’s headache and how I am protected or preserved is God’s business! I just let God do his business and I do mine but I also remember that God expects me to have a great spirit and not the grasshopper spirit because in Numbers 14 God decided to kill all those who had the grasshopper spirit and he only spared the ones that had the courageous spirit!
I am not sure you want God to kill you! So stop seeing yourself as little and stop talking about all the impossibilities because that’s what the grasshopper spirit does and when God gets tired he kills the people with the grasshopper spirit! Take on the Spirit of faith today and remember that it is impossible to please God without faith!


  1. Awesome! This was a great read. It was also confirmation. For the past two weeks or so the Holy Spirit had revealed to me about the grasshopper spirit. And I knew there was some validity to what the Holy Spirit was revealing to me after I read about it in Numbers and also researched about the grasshopper. Thanks for your Godly insight. I love God’s word and how if you listen and seek Him you will find Him. He will also show you great and mighty things.

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