The hard way is not the only way | (C) Fola Daniel Adelesi

The hard way is not the only way | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
When we refuse to learn in life we may always have to go by the things we need to do in the hard way but the unfortunate part is that a lot of us have gotten so comfortable with doing things the hard way such that we begin to doubt the credibility of whatever does not seem hard. When you visit some places, you will even see inscriptions like, man must suffer!
I have begun to see life from a different perspective and I have also seen that there are two different sides of life. On the first side of life you have people who accept what they see in life and believe that they just must take what life brings their way because they cannot change anything. If good things happen then they were meant to happen and if bad things happen it is also taken that they were meant to happen. When things are getting harder they also believe that they were meant to be like that because they have no power to change anything. On the other side of life, you have people who see things happening and they question why those things must happen that way. They believe it does not have to be the way it is going and something else can happen. They believe that they can have what they want instead of having to take what the society presents to them without saying anything. They also believe that they can have whatever they want to have even if they may not be able to control when it comes.
What eventually happens in life is that those who think they have no choice but to take what life presents to them are the people who settle for the hard life and go about it the hard way. Those who think they can have what they want and get what they see in their minds may have it rough while starting but they never settle for the less in life.
You may have heard about people who went about things the hard way but it does not mean you also have to do it that way. You do not have to do your business the hard way because that is not the only way. You do not have to raise your children the hard way because that is not the only way. You do not have to make it in life the hard way because that is not the only way. Sometimes when we think we are working hard, we are just applying efforts to things that are not yielding extra results! So what happens is that we could have directed our energies towards some other things but we put too much energy on one thing and never open our eyes to see that a few other things around also require attention.
Sometimes the things that we put too much energy into may work out at the end of the day and it may not work out. What usually happens is that people get to a time when they cannot reverse some of the things they have done before realizing that they had put too much energy into one thing and the story is usually devastating if at the end of the day nothing comes out of it.
Many of us grew up the hard way because our parents didnt know about better ways to raise us. Some of us went to school the hard way because we didnt have choices about the schools to attend and the teachers who taught us were probably frustrated with the very limited choices they seem to have in life. In a much deeper sense, a lot people have also thought that the hard way is the only way because they have clerics who tell them all the time that the hard way is what must be used by everyone. These clerics tell stories upon stories and they always have a terrible story to keep the congregation at the edges of their seats for the time of the story telling. What eventually happens is that those who set out with the hope of being motivated end up being demotivated because the little motivation they had left has been drained by the stories.
I have a few suggestions that will help you ensure that you either stop doing things the hard way or to ensure you never get on the hard path. You need to keep yourself constantly in check and that will save you a lot of stress. Heres what I think:
1.Before you embark on anything, it is important you seek wise counsel.
2.Dont always cover up what you want to do because of the profit that you do not want to share because you may lose everything at the end of it all.
3.You have to be on a constant learning plan to increase your personal capacity.
4.Keep a flexible plan in life so that you can have a direction in focus.
5.If you must listen to what people say then make sure you are listening to good advice instead of stories of woes.
6.Always ask yourself what you can do differently or what you need to stop doing to have a better result in life.
7.Never procrastinate into your days of little strength.
Those who have gone the hard way before who are now back on the simpler path can tell you better stories on the cost of sticking to the hard way but I think you should not wait to learn by experience. Learning this way is easier. Stop what you are doing, retrace your steps, check what is not working and continue in life but never take the hard way!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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