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Just while thinking about what next to write, a conversation started and it was about how some lecturers had been victimising the students they were supposed to teach. Unfortunately the harvest they didn’t like for the acts they had committed in the past came at a time when they did not expect. Are you sowing some kinds of seeds today that may bring the harvest that you will not like?
I was told that these lecturers will not spare anything in skirts. They will go after them until they get down with them. For the students that are willing to cooperate with them, they will pass their examinations easily and there will be no problems. For the students that are not willing to cooperate, some of them are not like to graduate or they may graduate with only a pass.
The problem is that when you graduate in a country where education is held in high esteem with a second class it is still hard to get a job. So you can imagine what happens when you take a pass out of the tertiary institutions. The lecturers know this very well and they want to use it as a bait to get their preys.
You should know that they would have gotten away with it while doing it to some others. Some of the students had agreed to sleep with them and get through the university while some did not agree and they had to leave the university with a pass. It was after a while that one person in the team opened up and confessed to the fact that some of the other lecturers had approached him to make sure a particular student does not pass any course. They also said this to that lecturer because they know so well that the lecturer’s appointment was yet to be confirmed. If he cooperates with them he can get a confirmation of his appointment but if he does not he will lose his job.
This went on for a while until this group of lecturers who are in the habit of harassing students tried to do it to a particular student. The student went to report the issue to some officials in government whose responsibility it is to oversee the educational institutions run by the state. Investigations commenced and most of the lecturers involved in this case, after they thought nothing was going to happen anymore, were asked to leave the school. The only one that was left behind was demoted two steps down the cadre.
You may not be a lecturer who is victimising a student. Are you a politician who is actually cheating on your people by diverting public funds? Are you stealing from your office or doing something somewhere that you can’t say publicly? Well, you need to note that you are currently sowing seeds that MUST GERMINATE. Unfortunately when it germinates, it will become the UNWANTED HARVEST.
Is it possible that you are doing something today that will bring results you do not like in the future? Have you thought about the possible consequences of what you are doing? Will you like the kind of harvest that you will get when the result eventually comes?
If you have not gotten into a situation where you have an unpleasant harvest before now, I think you can still retrace your steps quickly. Check all that you are doing and be sure that you are ready for whatever results your actions will bring in the future.
While it is true that we all like to sow seeds and get harvests, there is something called the unwanted or unpleasant harvest. Which one are you working towards?   

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