The healing powers of intimacy | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Couples sometimes have a reason to fight and there are several things they do when they fight. Some start with the silent treatment which can kill the other partner in the fight. Others, especially men, can decide not to eat the meal of their spouses. This also kills the women. The biggest of all that kills mostly men is when the woman decides to punish the man with intimacy.
When you are married, you should understand that you signed up for unlimited sex though it is still at your will and discretion. Having said that, you should never use sex as a tool to punish your spouse. Some men too use sex to punish their wives. You will not believe what has been going on in the marriages of so many people.
You will sometimes hear about couples that have not had intimacy in a whole year and more. It is so unbelievable when you hear that people are married and they live together, sleep in the same house and probably the same room but have not had sex in over a year. You’ve become total strangers! You’re no longer couples if this is your experience.
There are those who know that their partners want intimacy very often. Armed with this knowledge, they just seize it as soon as there is an argument or a simple issue. Please note that couples argue. It is simply maturity to understand that you can disagree and fight about issues but you’re not fighting yourself. When you fight about issues or disagree about issues and face those issues, it will be very easy for you to distance yourself from the issues and bond as you need to even through sex.
When you become blind to issues or cannot manage the separation of issues and the personality of your spouse, you will start seeing your spouse and disdain them. With this kind of disdain, you end up not having sex with your spouse.
Sex was designed for you to bond with your wife or your husband. It was designed to bring you together and not to rip you apart. That’s why you will note, if you’re married that sometimes sex after a fight is always sweeter! Some people call it make up sex. Whether they call it make up sex o or foundation sex o, I just know that sometimes after a fight, the sex is special. That simply proves it is something that was designed to help you bond.
When you have agreed to forgive and move on to a new phase, you can always seal it by going to high heavens with that special performance. Indeed, sex heals and you should give yourself the chance to experience the healing powers of sex.
After a make-up match, you will see hitherto angry faces smiling again. The faces that were looking so grim as though someone died would suddenly light up again. All the tension is gone after sex. All the pressure of work is no longer felt. You will even realize that the morning sex you had before going to work got you all excited so much that all your colleagues were astonished and trying to figure out the secret of your happiness for that day. Hmm! That’s the healing power of sex working miracles on you.
Now that you know or have been reminded that sex works magic, use it more often as a connection tool with your spouse and not a whip to punish your spouse. Don’t forget to take yourselves to high heavens so long as you have the breath and energy to do so within the confines of your marriage.

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