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In making some very tough decisions on daily basis especially when it concerns making a living, it is likely that people want to make the most out of every opportunity and that’s not a bad idea but trying to make the most, financially, from every opportunity is the reason some people never make anything or get to where they could have gotten in life. Some days ago I came accros what Robert Kiyosaki said while trying to encourage young people. He said, ‘when you are young, work to learn and not just to earn.’
I have seen several people who don’t want to take some small paying jobs because they think that they have the degrees and they should be paid but sometimes they forget that when you have the degrees and don’t have the experience some organisations may never talk about employing you until you have the experience. I have been in some situations where I had to work for free and people around me kept asking why I was working for free or why they were not paying me anything but I told them that I knew what I was doing. I have also had a trainging in an organisation and I did the training for free but also told them that I am not a fool. I know what I am doing and why I offered the training for free because some of us have come to realize that those jobs we did for free are the ones giving us the contact for the next paid job that we are looking for.
There are those who will say they can never work in some organisations because the pay is too low and they hardly give any consideration for the learning expereince and how that organisation can add to their profile! They just want money and they want it fast. They want to work in those places where they can brag about being highly paid and getting all the materialistic accessories. I think that young people especially need to begin to consider working and learning first in order to build a stronger profile before they can talk about working to earn. Trust me when I talk about having the humility to progress because I have been there and I have seen how working in a position that you are more than qualified for can get you to the next position that you want.
There were times when I wanted to do some kinds of jobs with some people and they told me outrightly that my resume was ‘too big’ for the kind of person they were looking for and I had to take out some things to get into some other organisations. When you humble yourself to work in some places and collect less than you deserve, you will meet some kind of people that you will never have met in trying to be the big person that you think you are. When those people observe you for a while and finally get to know what you are worth or who you are, they will be amazed at your humility and I can tell you that immediately people love you more and want to help you when they can. Sometimes you will have to consider taking a low paying job over the high paying job in order to get some connections you will always need in your life.
You have to be strategic in life and being strategic in some places will require the humility to do so and get to where you are going in life. Humility can help you progress in various ways but I have just tried to use a working scenerio to paint a picture and you will always go higher once you have the humility not to brag about who you really are or what you are worth. Just let people find out who you are and what you can do so they are the ones trying to give you all the needed respect and you are not demanding anything from them.
Humility pays and it does take you higher!
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