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Permit me to attempt to write in little way like a teacher for the purpose of clarity of the subject and to ensure that everyone has something to grab after reading this subject to be considered. For so long I have heard the words ‘Corporate Anointing’ and cannot say where the word emanated from or how it even started to spread. I have been to a number of meetings especially religious meetings where the speakers ask the people to take advantage of the Corporate Anointing in the arena so that they can be empowered or get blessed in some others ways just as every other person present would be blessed. In the same vein, I have also heard a number of people speak about the fact that people get deceived and think they can be a part of the crowd to get all they desire to get. My bone of contention is not where you can get blessed as part of a crowd or not! I believe for sure that a group can be blessed even because of one person just as the rain falls on the good and the bad people.
Let’s even take it a little form the part of rain falling on the good people and the bad people. You need to remember that rain can fall on the good people and the bad people but it does not mean that they will both have the same harvest at the time of harvest! Because of the law that says everyone will be paid according to the works of his hands, you have to recognize the fact that the same rain falling on the good and the bad can actually bring harvest for the good people and as well bring destruction for the bad people! Think about the farmers! Everyone is happy when there is rain but the rain will be a blessing to some because their seeds will germinate and the same rain will be a burden to others because their seeds could be washed off the ground. I have said this to come back to the fact that there can be an out pouring of the anointing on a group of people and the same anointing can bless some people extremely well while it does not seem to bless the other people at all!
We may be asking questions and saying why is it that it will appear that the same anointing can bless some people so well and it will seem to do nothing in the lives of other people? Is it possible for the anointing to select who gets a manifestation of blessing from it or who does not? Far be it from the anointing to be partial! The anointing remains a tool for accomplishing certain things that God has purposed for us to achieve and in some other cases it could be given just to develop ourselves or even pass through a phase! The only reason that it may not seem to generate the same result in the lives of everyone even when we feed from the same public spiritual source (places of worship or the submission to the same pastors) is that we do not have the same seeds!
We all can be given the anointing under the same gathering but some others go ahead to work extra hard on themselves and always ask that the anointing adds grace to what they are doing. Unfortunately, some others do not work on themselves, sow any seeds but they want the anointing over their lives to perform some miracles. We must remember that the anointing is an enabling tool and when we don’t have any seeds sown already or we don’t have works we are doing then the anointing has nothing to enable.
It’s okay for us to believe in prayers and go for prayer meetings as we all should do but the anointing that’s being poured out in that public gathering which is referred to as the ‘Corporate Anointing’ will never work for us in the same way or give us the same result! At best we can have a joint productivity and have the same corporate results but we must never absolutely depend of the corporate anointing to yield the results that others get for us! We have our own serious works to do! A lot of people who commonly identify with a denomination can get blessed as a result of the anointing over that denomination but the anointing on some people’s heads can remain dormant until they put other principles to work! The anointing works but it works better when you also work on the things that were designed for you instead of expecting the corporate anointing to generate the same result for you!
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