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A few years back I was listening to a public speaker and he made reference to something that happened to him when he was trying to get things done and it seemed as if nothing was happening. He was trying everything he could but nothing seemed to improve but one day as he sat under a tree, some thoughts began to cross his mind. It was as though he had used up all the energy in him and was only thinking about the next thing to do when God reminded him that he was under a tree. God also said to him, you human beings are so restless because you have the ability to move around! Take a look at the tree behind you. The tree stays on the same spot and everything it needs to feed on and grow will be supplied to it there. It does not matter what season it is. The tree will stay there and not say that this ground is not fertile enough but you human beings are sometimes not as wise as the tree and you are just too impatient to wait for something.’ All the tree does is to be rightly positioned so that all need resources will find it where it is.
I recently began to think about those words again and I am of the opinion that we human beings sometimes take undue advantage of our gift of mobility. Because we have the ability to walk and move around or change our positions when things are not convenient for us, we just change at will and we have absolutely lost the patience need to be able to wait for some of the needs we are looking for.
While it is important for us to be proactive and not just sit down without doing anything, it is also very important for you to note that when you jump around you jump out of so many things that could have been yours. There are times when people would have worked so hard to get something and just a few moments before that thing arrives they would leave and all they have worked for will go to someone else.
There are those who never find fulfillment in what they do and don’t even know what to do with themselves so you may find such people jumping from one business to another and some others are jumping from one organization to another just as you also have those jumping from one spouse to the other. If you do not sit and check yourself properly to define what you want in life, you will keep looking for what is not lost and while looking for what is not lost, you end up losing what you already have because you have been jumping from one place to another.
I have not said that it is a wrong thing for you to be dissatisfied with what you are doing at the moment or changing businesses and jobs but it will be an effort in futility when you purpose or expectations are not clearly defined. If you have to jump from one place to another it should be a targeted effort at achieving a clear goal in life. Even at achieving a clear goal in life, you are not supposed to just wake up and keep moving around. You need to have things well thought out and properly planned.
I know you have both legs and you can walk but you also have to be wise enough to think about the tree that stays on one spot to get all that it needs to get. What that means to me is that when you are rightly positioned, you will get most of what you want without having to run here and there. I have to clarify being rightly positioned so that some people will not take their years of stagnancy as being rightly positioned! You need to check yourself and ask if you are rightly positioned for what you need or you are just being stagnant!
I think we all need to get the wisdom to know what we are to wait for and to know what we are not to wait for. A little more patience can get you a lot more of what you are struggling for!
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  1. This is profound! Waiting is one of the most difficult things to do. Recently, it occurred to me that it is truly the blessing of the Lord that makes rich…it’s the ‘blessing’, not the ‘multiplied struggles’. Thanks Fola.

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