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Our present world seems to be so used to just lying or speaking without thinking. I remember that as a student in high school, I had a teacher who would say to some students that their mouths were running faster than their brains. It was a mild way of saying that they were talking before thinking.
Are you one of those who would talk before thinking today? Do you say the things that you do not mean or mean the things that you do not say? Are there times when you say one thing to one person and you are actually thinking about another thing?
I have seen a few people around me and many others in the general society who just speak without any intention to keep their words. If you speak without any intention to keep your words then you need to be reminded that you are the one who is gradually destroying your future.
One of the most annoying things for me is having to deal with people whose words I can’t hold unto. They tell you something is white but by the time you check you will realize that the thing is actually black. If they tell you the thing is yellow it just might be gray. Ask them to meet you somewhere and they will promise you heaven and earth on how they will be the first to get there but one hour after, they are nowhere to be found.
It is important that you save the situation if you are already in this kind of mess. People must be able to hold unto whatever you say. I am not surprised when I see people whose words cannot be relied upon are the people who also seem to be struggling in life. You really don’t need any deliverance to make it in life. You also do not need any prophet to tell you any hidden secret about how you will make it.
In fact, let me prophesy to you, just in case you believe so much in someone prophesying to you for your life to change. My prophecy to you is that if you can have integrity in your heart and let it correspond with the integrity of your words then you will see changes in your life. You will become more productive that you can ever imagine. Integrity has a strongly relationship with productivity.
Life runs on principles. There are things you will do that will attract more people to you and there are things you also do that will repel you from others. People will naturally like those who are honest. It is easier for such people to get funding. Some people today cannot get funding because they do not have social or trust capital. No one trusts you enough to invest in what you do because you have done things in the past to mess up your future.   
It will be very nice for you to turn a new leaf today and ensure that what you say is as it is anywhere, any time and any day. The integrity of your words will win more people over to you and you can do more serious businesses with them. With the integrity of your words you can also influence more people as a leader in an organization.
People will only follow the person that they trust. The person who speaks the truth and whose words can be relied upon, at least 99 percent of the time, will have more followers as a leader. Check yourself today. Can your words be relied upon? Are you winning more people with your integrity or losing more people with your lack of integrity with words? The ball is in your court! 

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