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The Job you shouted about - Fola Daniel Adelesi
The Job you shouted about – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Many people search endlessly for jobs and some pray so much for the jobs they currently have but just after a few months down the line, they are really confused about the same job they have prayed for! Sometimes they can’t put together the arithmetic on how much it costs them to be available for the job and how much they take home at the end of the day. When I was an undergraduate at Olabisi Onabanjo University, I went to the Directorate of Student Affairs’ building which also had the offices of association of senior staff and I saw an interesting sticker on one of the doors. It says, ‘my take home pay can’t take me home!’ For other people, the problem is not about being taken home by the take home pay! They have enough to take them home and still have something to give those at home but there’s a boss in the office that they have to report to and he or she is proving really difficult!
Maybe I should ask you what you would do when you know that you prayed for a particular job and you got the job but you suddenly realized it wasn’t really what you would have called your dream job? How do you go about it when you have shouted about a job and just two months after you really feel like quitting immediately but you can’t because you need to earn legitimately and be able to pay some bills!
In some cases we need to seat back and reflect on the things we pray about because the one we are praying to knows far more than we do and when he allows us to get some of the things we have prayed for, it’s because He knows it’s okay and we can have them. Sometimes when He does not let us have those things we have prayed for it’s also because He knows that those things may not be good enough for us or that they may destroy us.
On the other hand, if you desperately wanted a job and you got it, you probably may not know that your desperation for the job before you got it was actually for your own good. You desperation has positively pushed you to a place where you can learn new things and go through the kind of pressure that you are not used to. You also may have been in some places where things have been rosy and you need to learn things from a different angle. When such needs arise, sometimes our desperation responds and gets us into the right place where we can be properly trimmed or pruned for the next big thing.
Can I simply say that when we sometimes desire something, it’s because we are only looking at the good part and we probably don’t expect anything to go wrong. It is okay to expect something and look on the bright side of life but you must also know that there are some of your heart desires that will never come easily without some heart breaks! I have heard some people say that THE WAY UP IS DOWN! That can also be interpreted to mean, ‘when you want to rise in life you have to start from the bottom and go through all the ordeals before you can get to the top!’
We can get excited about certain things and pray so bad to have them but we must not forget that with every gift or promotion comes a measure of responsibility. The gift part is the easy one but the responsibility part is the tough one! The next time you are praying for a job I suggest you should also know that God can simply answer by putting you in a place where you will be properly refined! The refining process may not be easy and it may come in different forms and through different people but it will happen! Don’t get scared about praying for a job but you should also watch what you pray for!
It’s okay to get excited about the job, but when you start crying about the same job, just remember why God must have allowed you get the job in the first place because he knows ahead of time the people you would have to work with!
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