The Leverage is off | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

In the last 11 months you may have hidden under the protection of the N9775 made available on monthly basis by the National Youth Service Corps scheme but a bitter truth is about to unfold. We all go about in the uniform and we simply do not realize that the uniform has provided a great leverage for us by putting everyone on the same platform where it is so hard to tell who is on a higher social pedestal in life. What they see is the white shirt or the crested vest on a green material all the time. The uniform leveled every one of us and we all look just the same but now it’s going to be taken away.
We are now going to face life as it is! The real you will come out and there is no hiding under any uniform again. If you have prepared for a time like this then you have nothing to worry about but if you have not fully prepared for a time like this then you have a lot of work to do. The first reality of some people is that there will be no fixed allowance coming in from anywhere anymore and the next reality for some others is the fact that there is no free accommodation in the name of a corpers’ lodge again? To make the matters a little scary, there is so much noise about so many people applying for jobs yet there are only a few vacancies! At this time, the practical skills that you have built or acquired, not even your certificate, will be speaking for you when others waste away with their certificates in their hands claiming to be searching endlessly for a job.
This is not the season to waste too much time because the lions will now be separated from the dogs (please note this is just to symbolize strength so that you don’t take it for the popular demeaning illustration dogs are often used for). We will hear clearly when the dogs bark and we will hear clearly when the lions roar! Even when the dogs roar we still know that there are weak barkings and there are strong barkings! It is your preparation so far in life that will determine if you are a dog or a lion at this time. Do not go out there without a plan or strategy on how you are going to get along in the corporate world or how you want to make your impact. What if you get out there, though I know you have faith, and you don’t get a job? Will you just seat and do nothing for several months? Work out the details right now. Write out the jobs you are targeting. While you are doing that, you also need to write a list of things you can do when the job is not forth coming. You cannot afford to live yourself stranded!
I believe we will see ourselves some years from now and the difference between us will not necessarily be in our stature or colour of skin but in how far we would have gone in life. What will also determine how far we would have gone is what we have on ground now. With the plans you have now, will you be able to hold your head high and wave to your colleagues if you see them five years from now or will you run into a hiding place?
I will leave you (especially the Batch Bs passing out) with one thought. Your life has no meaning if you have no direction and you have no direction if you have no purpose. With your purpose, you can hold your head high any time, any day. Remember, opportunities are always moving towards you or passing by you. How much you get will absolutely depend on how well you have trained your eyes to see opportunities, how well you trained your mind to strategize and how well you have trained you hands to work!
Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
+234 703 790 7851
(Parting note to Batch B 2010 Corps members serving in Sokoto State, Nigeria)

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