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Each time you think that what you have is not enough the truth is that it will never be enough. As some people will say, the word ‘enough’ is relative! Two different people may have access to exactly the same thing and one will constantly say that it is not enough but the other will never say that it is not enough. They may live in the same environment and have the same needs. They may have the same targets to meet and have the same social obligations to meet up with but they will still have different account balances in life and in the bank because the word enough is really relative.
An example is the situation of two people in an office who are on the same level and are earning the same amount of money. They are both young couples with a child each and have almost the same requests at all times from families and friends but one has something left at the end of the month and the other has debits to fight at the end of the month. What can be the issue considering the fact that they earn the same thing.
The issue with money people have not always paid attention to is the fact that wealth is not cash but a combination of attitude, influence, information and management skills. I have the boldness to define wealth in this manner because what you know is what is fetching you what you currently have. The people employing you or engaging your services are simply paying you for the knowledge you have acquired over the years and that is why it is difficult in some organizations to earn more until they have the proof that you have gone to learn more! Wealth must also have the word attitude in it because money will take on the character of the owner! Two people may have a dollar but they will definitely not do the same with the dollar note. One may decide to smoke with the money and the other may decide to spend time thinking about what can be done with that one dollar that can bring in more money.
Influence is also wealth because it about the relationships you have built over the years that you can now draw from. If you need to borrow money I must say that the people who will be willing to borrow you money are people you already have some measure of influence with. If you have not built relationships over the years it may be difficult to get money from people even when they have it. Management skills will also come to play in the lives of people who seem to be earning something so little because one will be what is so little and spend it anyhow but the other will see what should be called a seed and think about how to plant it in the right soil for it to germinate and produce the required harvest later.
The point I am trying to make is a very simple one but I consider it necessary to drive home the point using some of the cases above. When you see things differently you will always have a different result because the amount in your hands is not the issue. The mindset that is controlling the money is the issue so one of the first assignments people need to begin to do is to work on their perception of money.
When your perception is right then the little in your hands can be multiplied. You only have as much as you think you do and not as much as you think you should have. Some people always think they should get more but they never get more because they do not actually have the capacity for more. If you need to get more then you have to build the capacity to get more
Increasing the little in your hands
I have deliberately defined wealth in a different way to ensure it reflects the things that actually make people wealthy and the definition is what you need to break down and work on. You have to ask yourself if you have enough of all the components of wealth. When you can satisfactorily say that you have them then you will be right to say that you probably do not have enough money. Here’s what to do:
– You must constantly seek to add more to the information reserve that you have. A lot of the things that are seen as businesses today began as mere information that some people acquired and probably did not even know that some other people would need them. When you add more to your information reserve then you will at a point realize how the information in your hands can be used for business purposes or exchange for more money.
– Anybody who desires to have more must have more influence and having more influence is about deliberately working with other people and earning their trust in every dealing that you have with them. Some people must be comfortable being around you, others must find it easy to make you a confidant while some people must be able to approach you for counsel on some of the issues of life. There are people who should be looking up to you and there are people who should respect you for something that you do and not because you demand respect from them. On a daily basis people have to see how you contribute to their well being or their productivity in life. When all these are in place you will find that when you need to engage people’s support based on your influence then it will be easier to engage their support because of your deposits over the years.
– Your management skills must improve and you have to do this consciously all the time. One of the ways the managerial skill can become obvious is for you to first of all have a record for the things that you have and the way they go out or come in. If there is no account for what you earn or what you spend then you are not working on your managerial skill because you may never know if you are spending wisely or not. You may never know if what you are doing is too expensive compared to what you are earning at the time.
– I must add that anybody who wants to be rich or who thinks that he needs more than what he has must make it a habit to relate with people and find it convenient to be in their company. When you make it a habit to relate with people easily there are some information you will get that you could never have gotten if you do not relate with people. You may have built a skill but you may not always know where the skill is needed until you have related with people who know about the place where there is a need for your skill or expertise.
You can always have more than you already have if you think that what you have is so little. The first thing to do is to make sure that you do what will bring more with the little that you already have. As one of my revered role models will always say, ‘if what you have is not enough, turn it into a seed.’ Learn to make, manage and multiply money. You cannot afford to seat with the token you are getting and all you do is complain that it is not enough. If you ever want more then you have to increase your capacity so that you can get more.
I strongly believe that there is always more to get from where that little came from. All you have to do is to build capacity either physically or mentally in whatever situation and you will have a different result in what you are doing.
Sometimes the problem is not that some people do not have enough. The problem is that they start spending and would have spent the money halfway before realizing some very important things that they were supposed to do. If that is the case then make it a habit to plan for the money that is coming in. a lot of people plan for babies when they are expecting babies and the fact is that their preparation for that baby will determine the comfort of that baby when it arrives. People plan for a new apartment when they need to move in and they plan for some parties or a number of other things are not so important. They give so much time and attention to the less important things and never give such time and attention to the money they have or are expecting.
It’s amazing how people plan so much for a date with a spouse but have so little plan for the money they get and they later begin to wonder where the money went to. From today, never ask questions about how your money disappeared if you never planned for how it will be spent or invested before it came.
Beyond opinions and motivations, the fact is that what is called little in your hands has made many others prosperous. Some only had skills and have become wealthy. Some had only needs and their needs drove them into discovering solutions for others. A few others had money and were able to multiply the money by creating a service. Money is only a tool that must be driven by something else if you really want to have it. The word little is relative and defined by your perception!

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