The meaning of a new year – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes it is amazing to see how excited people are just to be able to scale through an old year into a new one. They keep shouting all over the place and they use ceaseless fireworks as the symbols of happiness at the close of every year. Sometimes I wish that all the people who were involved in the fireworks had their lives coming as colourful as some of the fireworks are.
As much I would celebrate the opportunity given to me by God to witness a new year I think that one great way we can celebrate a new year is to have an in depth meditation upon some issues.
Look at the following to see a new perspective to a new year:
1.) A new year means you are older.
2.) Being older means you are expected on a new level.
3.) Being older means social pressures will mount on you – wanting to measure up with societal class.
4.) A new year means you are running out of time for your assignment here on earth.
5.) A new year means time up for some of the things you should have done that you did not do and probably will never have the opportunity to do.
6.) New year means an opportunity to start again.
7.) A new year means slowly but surely your energy is depreciating.
8.) A new year means you are closer to the grave!
I have always loved to ask a simple but profound question. My question is if you have impacted up to the number of people equivalent to your age? If you are 20 have you impacted up to 20 lives? If you are 60 have you impacted up to sixty lives?
Its good to know that you have come into a new year but my question is when are you going to start chanelling your energy towards the right things. What is right for me may not be right for you so when are you going to stop spending your energy trying to be like someone else?
Because you are older you have the tendency to start thinking about being acceptable in the society with your premises being based on the fact that people of your age already have something or people of your age have achieved this or that so you start running after something not because you have it in line with your vision but because of peer pressure and societal acceptance.
If you have not done certain things well or if you have failed in something then the new year is am opportunity to do it again if you have not exceeded its right timing.
If the new year means that you are closer to your grave then I think you need to be able to answer two important questions. The first is what will people see as a product or service from you that will outlive you when you are long dead? The second is what is going to happen to you with life after death. Are you going to continue dying or continue living after death?

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