The Nigeria of my dream {Emergence of Selfless leaders} │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Even though we have very many obvious problems in this great country of ours, I think that all the problems we have are not as important as having selfless leaders. Even if a nation is about to break, selfless leaders can bring back a breaking nation. I have not seen that great problem in any country of the world that leaders who think more about others than themselves cannot bring back. Corruption is not really an issue where we have selfless leaders. Electricity is a small problem where the leaders are selfless. Our educational challenges are not as big as they appear if only the selfless leaders we are talking about will emerge.
Our country can move forward and must move forward but we are the ones to move it forward. The way we will also move it forward is to deal with ourselves. We need to look into having a transparent electoral process in this country and once that is done, one of the things needed to get a selfless leader would have been in place. I call it one of the things because we must not deceive ourselves. It is not only an electoral process that will bring the selfless leaders.
It is important for us to begin the strengthening of all the institutions that develop leaders. Not too many of us in this country have seen the need to either take a leadership training or send people around us to leadership courses. We think we know it all and we assume we can also read up everything and get things done. We have to study the selfless leaders from other countries or even the selfless leaders that this country has already produced because we have some of them that we can confidently name and look up to. When we learn from the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Nelson Mandela, Paul Kigame, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King and seat at the feat of leadership experts, we will get better with our leadership styles.
Although we say we are running a democratic government but it does look like what we have is an elitist democratic government. The elitist democratic government is one in which there a democratically elected government and it looks like people are free to express themselves but there are only a few people within the corners of power who determine what happens and when it happens. In essence, they give the people the impression that they are a part of a democratic process when there is a master plan that is being executed or a script that is being acted. We cannot run a successful country with the guts of some people referred to as king makers.  We have to get rid of this elitist democratic government in order to move forward as a country.
My hope tells me that very soon the walls of godfatherism in politics will soon fall down because I can see that it has been weakened already. I see several selfless and visionary leaders emerging to lead and not rule this country. As much as I am an optimist, I am not just hoping that things will happen. I am speaking an acting while also mentoring or teaching those that I can to note the changes to expect, prepare for them and be a part of them or even instigate those changes.
We will have a different country when different set of leader emerge and I passionately and also prayerfully look forward to the emergence of those selfless and visionary leaders to will make sure that they do all their best along with other visionary supporters to move this country forward.       
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