The numerous Uncle FANIs in Nigerian higher institutions

Now that Femi Fani-Kayode’s unfathomable outburst is trending, let’s seize this opportunity to break the hypocrisy of pretending this is new to us. His brand of outburst is common – In workplaces and Nigerian higher institutions. If you haven’t experienced such, you’re long overdue for a special testimony in church or your virtual worship centres.I am not aware of any public Higher institution in Nigeria where students aren’t treated like that gentleman journalist. You’d have to walk into many lecturers’ offices with fear and trepidation. Have you forgotten how many of them practically expect you to worship them just to ask questions, know more about the course, see them in their offices or talk about your exams with missing scripts? 

A lecturer whose course exam you sat for, and is saddled with the responsibility of handling the script, instantly tells you to get out from his sight and retake an examination despite seeing the proof you submitted the question paper.We had to bow and tremble before many of them to submit test papers and assignments. If it was just the lecturers that you had to deal with in this way, it would have been good – not that it is actually good. It’s just worse to realize that office assistants with ordinary WAEC result who are still struggling to gain admission or have given up on same, will lord their little power over you. I saw many of them, just like many other students were subjected to unimaginable shame and embarrassment publicly and privately. 

We haven’t even touched on the ones harassing students to the point of failing them. Or the ones who make sure you don’t pass an exam just because you tried to prove that you know something. Should we talk about the ones who can’t think or be open to new knowledge and will ‘mark you down’ – penalize – for giving answers outside the scope of what you’re taught you in class? 

Many Nigerian students who, probably, cannot afford the reasonably fair luxury of attending a private university are subjected to a four or five-year torture. These lecturers show up and disappear at will for a service you struggled to pay for. Some will show up a few days before the exam, run marathon classes and ask you to read up. Then, a few days later, you hear of an ASUU strike. 

The list of needless outbursts and inhumane treatment of the Nigerian students in public institutions is endless. Who is calling the lecturers to order? Who is speaking up for the Nigerian students? Who is compelling these lecturers to tender apologies when other lecturers even collaborate to intimidate the one who is already a victim? 

Don’t we all know these villains parading as lecturers in many Nigerian higher institutions? There are many short-fused lecturers who have destroyed and are still destroying the lives of promising young Nigerians. Who will be the defender of the Nigerian student?

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