The other side of the picture | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

The other side of the picture | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
I set out yesterday to do a couple of things and one of them involved going to the bank. I did expect that everything would go smoothly but I did not expect some of the challenges that I encountered when I got to the bank. There are times when what we do not expect will happen to us but I should say that the most important thing will not be what happened but how we handle what happened.
Just under a minute after I got into the banking hall, one of the security guys came to call me and asked me to re-park the car. I didn’t really like that because I had just gotten the teller I wanted to use and had not done anything. I left the banking hall to re-park so that the person who was going out could go. After re-parking I waited a few minutes to complete the teller I had pick on the counter inside the car. Somewhere along the line I forgot to remove the key from the ignition hole so I completed the teller, did a central lock and just got out of the car.
It was not obvious anything had happened until I had finished making the payment in the bank and I even waited to register the SIM on one of my phones. I finished the SIM registration and I wanted to bring out the key but the car key was nowhere to be found. I thought of two places immediately so I went back to the desk where I registered my SIM and the counter where I made some payments but both places could not produce the key. By this time the situation was already getting funny but I just went back to the car to be sure I locked it. It was just then it occurred to me that the key could have been locked in the car when the security guys asked me to re-park.
I looked into the car and I found the key in there. I turned round and realized that the guy that was supposedly going out for whom the security guys had come to call me was still on the same spot. I mad at the security guys and I called them to let them know what they had caused. I felt if they had not called me for someone who was not actually going out, I would have come back to the car and just drive off immediately instead of forgetting the key in the car.
There were only two options for me at this point. Up until now the lock for the boot was always malfunctioning so it would sometimes lock and sometimes you really have to use the central lock severally to get it locked. At this point I was really hoping it was one of those times when it didn’t lock. I checked the boot but it was firmly locked. The other option for me was to leave the car there, go back home and get the second key. While I jumped on a commercial bike to go and get the key, a few things occurred to be.
I could have remained so angry with the security guys and as well become so bitter about how much I would need to spend to go and get the extra key. But at this point it occurred to me that God could have delayed the car deliberately to preserve my life. What if I drove off the bank and crashed the car? What if I lose my life? What was God trying to do for me in that time? When these thoughts began to run through my mind, I forgot completely about the security guys and also didn’t think too much about how much I would spend going back home to get another key. I said to myself, ‘if this small amount of money is all I need to lose so that I do not lose my life, what is this money compared to my life?’
I began to look at the situation that could have frustrated me for the whole day from another perspective and the following things happened to me:
1. I lost the bitterness that could have set in me. I could have been bitter against the security guys but I am still the one who will feel the bitterness.
2. I could have wasted my whole day by not doing any other thing as a result of the bitterness.
3. I began to thank God for what may or may not happen that I didn’t know about in that time when I could not get into the car.
As soon as I opened the car, I drove off from the premises, went to follow up one of my proposals with a client and after that I decided to have a drink and ease of the stress in a restaurant. I stayed there until I felt so calm and strong enough to drive for another two or three hours.
Things can happen when you do not expect them but I enjoin you to choose how you respond to them.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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