The package or the product | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Someone once gave me a mobile phone with a very beautiful package and the next thing for me was to unpack so that I could see and use the phone. Immediately I got the phone out of the pack, I tried effortlessly for hours to power the phone on but it was not responding. I had to return the phone after some days to get another one.
It was a small slim flip phone in a beautiful box but it was not the box that I needed. The phone itself was a beautiful black one but I didn’t its black beauty since it was not coming on! No matter how good a phone looks its most important role will be to help you reach another person and it would be useless if it cannot do that for you.
As human beings we all are products and we have packages. That’s why we come in various sizes and shapes with different colours. We are products because there are people who need us on a daily basis and we have packages because how we appear or appeal to them will determine if they prefer someone else to us. For any human being to succeed, that human being must be a functional product and a beautiful package. It is important for me to emphasize here that sometimes these two do not come together. One may, in most cases come before the other. It is in the developmental processes that all human beings must go through that we begin to develop both the content and the package. That’s we all go to school to develop the content – mind – and we are taught how to look good – package.
There are people who think that they are not favoured despite their unusual abilities but a closer look will reveal the fact that all they need to work on is their package because everybody will always the package of a product before the product is seen. Even if the product is in the best condition you can ever imagine, it may not appeal to you if it is not in a good package. Unfortunately, this is the reason some people do not get a job! It is the same reason some other people do not get their desired contracts. If you do not agree with me then let’s look at it from another angle. If you are looking for one million naira, do you look like someone who can handle one million naira? You will realize I didn’t ask if you can handle one million. I asked if you look like someone who can handle one million.
I must say that we cannot pay all the emphasis on the package and not pay attention to the details of the product. In any case, the only people I know who will pay more attention to package than products modeling agents! Just as I started with a bad but new mobile phone gift that was given to me, every bad product with a good package still has no place in the society because nobody is paying strictly for a package. You may be willing to pay more for a product with a better package, just as employers of labour do and just as opportunities in life also do but when the product cannot sustain what the package has brought then there will be problems. As human beings we should not, under any circumstance, leave our packages – appearance or physical appeal – beautiful without a beautiful mind. We usually say first impression lasts longer but I am not sure that’s true for an employer who just found out that he hired a dull head in a good package.

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