The Path We Must Tread | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

As the needle sweeps over the face of the clock, history is made, in every second, in every minute, in every hour. This is one of such moments when events like this will pass into great historical archives. The good news that comes with this is that with every pen in our hands, we stand a chance of charting the course of that history.
Gentle men and ladies, someone will soon refer to us as ‘the people before us.’ I am not so concerned about the tag or the time of the reference as I am about the purpose. All I know is if we do it right today, the reference concerning us tomorrow will be right.
To all the other people who have been elected today, I will say to some of you and remind others that leadership is a test of trust, leadership is a test of integrity, leadership is a test of foresight. And so by the time we are done, everyone will judge if we can be trusted, if we have integrity or if we have foresight.
This will not be the time for so much of talking but the time to maximize all the heads at our disposal. I agree we need a major restructuring in Press Club, especially to make it live up to the standard of being a community development service group. Consequently, for maximum impact, this great club will now have some committees that will ensure that every member is productively engaged. Some of those committees include Training committee, Welfare committee, Publication committee, Constitution review committee, Social committee and any other one that we deem fit to see to the fact that Press Club is into Community Development Service rather than having a group of productive young people squandering their energies in unfruitful debates week after week. I need you all to achieve this and I need you to put all your passion in it.
To the Batch As that are passing out, you have pressed on to this point and I have no doubt that you still have a reserve of energy in you because you will need it when you get out there. You will face new realities, life will give you a rude shock but you will not be knocked out. Brace up for the challenges ahead and remember that ‘life is in phases and men are in sizes.’
I know you all can’t wait for the celebration to start, so let me leave you with these final words: the new set of leaders and I understand that leadership is not an island. It is like a river that flourishes only because several other streams flow into it. In other words, don’t anticipate our failure. Counsel us, and let us succeed together.
Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
Inaugural Speech at NYSC Press Club, Sokoto on 8th of February 2011

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