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I think that it’s hard to not lean on other people for support. We are human beings and we really need each other to live and to rise to the highest possible levels in life. Unfortunately, many of the people you are relating with plainly cannot be trusted or relied upon, especially in the days of trouble. Who are the people you are leaning on? Are they providing enough support for you and just waiting till the day that you desperately need them?
There is a popular saying around South-West in Nigeria that ‘the person we asked to help us when dust got into our eyes had already put pepper in his mouth’. You will sometimes think that you have people who will be there for you. Your mind will be at rest at all is well and nothing can go wrong. Just when you notice that something is already going wrong and you ask for support then you get the shocker of your life.
It could also be that some of the people you are trusting for help or hoping to lean on are relatives or really close family members. You have thought that there is no way they can turn you down any time you need them. The very nice proposal you are going to give them has been thoroughly rehearsed and you don’t just know why that kind of proposal will not sail through. When the time of need comes, you go to them with your beautifully prepared proposals and you get the shocker of your life because they turned you down.
We may feel bad because of the people who have failed to help us. It can be frustrating and sometimes the thoughts of giving up in life runs through our minds. All our support systems may have been taken away but that does not mean that you have come to the end of things.
Those people are not the source of your livelihood. They may look like the kings today. It may even look like you will die if they don’t help you. I can tell you that it will only look as if you will die but nothing will happen to you. In fact, you will live long to tell the story of how they did not help you yet you survived. Very soon you will also find yourself encouraging other people that you thought you had come to the end when they did not help you but you continued working and things changed.
There is another popular saying that ‘our palms do not deceive us.’ That is because it is perceived that your destiny is written in your hands. That is why some fortunes tellers will ask you to show them your hands and when you do, they can tell you what the future holds for you. the other side to that saying is that if you are willing and ready to work with your hands, success will come.
I also think that the interesting part is that you can even succeed much more than those people who have refused to help you and also thinking that no one else can help you. I dare say to you that what you will become in life is not dependent on those who have chosen not to help you. Without them you can still be great. Without the help of those that you trusted but they failed, you can still rise high in life.
You also need to understand that if it looks like things are not always smooth for you at the moment, and you are doing everything that should be done, it is because of the great future ahead of you. Some people arrive quickly in life and some others who have a long way to go begin to feel bad. You have different destinations and preparations to make in life.
Please do not give up on working hard and improving yourself. So long as you are not lazy, all your efforts will pay off and you will soon look back to say, ‘thank to all of you who helped me and thank you to all those who did not help because you may me tougher, stronger and more focused.’     
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