The point of no aspiration | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Life has a way of pushing people around and in some instances, people let life push them around. They suffer some setbacks and those setbacks eventually drain their energy. When they become drained as a result of the setbacks or because nothing they’ve tried has worked, they get to the point of having no aspiration.
At that point of having no aspiration, that’s when a man dies no matter how strong he looks on the outside. People may have made several efforts in life with very little results. At the time when they were making all the efforts to get something out of life, they really believed a lot can happen for them. It was their faith that was pushing them to make all the efforts they were making. Sadly, when their efforts do not yield good results, they begin to believe something is wrong with them or that they may not amount to much since nothing is working.
In the western world, people begin to refer to themselves as failures. In Africa, where people are more religiously inclined, they start believing there could be some demonic forces working against them. While this may be true or not, the real problem is allowing all the troubles, failures and disappointments getting into your heart and accepting defeat completely.
You can see that some people have come to the point of no aspiration when they’ve given up on education, business or getting decent jobs. Some people are living in a way that you can tell they’re just waiting for death. They don’t want to commit suicide but they’ve given up on life. They don’t believe they can still do anything that will work out. They’ve come to accept that all forces of life are working against them. If all forces of life are working against them, how will they ever be able to do something that people will love and support?
It is a bit easy for many people to get to that point of no aspiration in life. This happens easily after a few defeats for many people. There are only a few people who keep trying and trying until they die. There are those who will keep trying the same thing in the same location and not think about changing their location. There are those who will keep trying the same thing using the same strategy.
I will also admit that there are those who have tried different locations and strategy but nothing still works. They have given up or are about to give up on life. You need to note that there is always a time for you to try again and get it right. The first and worst defeat happens in your mind. If your defeat is external, you will keep going and will eventually get things right. But when your defeat has been internalized, you’re in trouble. You will travel fast to the point of no aspiration and everything around you grinds to a halt very fast.
I totally understand that the circumstances around you will not be encouraging. You would have spent all you had to make something happen and nothing comes out of it. I see you’ve been drained and you have no energy left in you. While that is the reality, you must never let your mind come to terms with these realities.
When people don’t have children, they don’t stop trying until they’ve accepted a medical report that says they can’t have a child or conclude in their hearts it is no longer possible to have children. When people are poor, they don’t remain poor until they’ve settled in their hearts that there is no way out of poverty. If people have businesses that are struggling, they will never give up on those businesses until they’ve given up in their hearts.
The heart is the first traveler to the point of no aspiration and when the heart gets to that juncture, every other thing including the brain follows.
While it can be very discouraging to see that things aren’t working, you must strive to never get to the point where you have lost the energy to aspire again. Never get to that point where you have lost the capacity to dream and the energy to pursue the dreams. Don’t get to the point of no aspiration because it is a dangerous place for any human being.

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